Performer Spotlight: insight on Brandon Heath’s 7 years of performance


Photo by Leslie Fireman

Marching and concert band member Brandon Heath is this week’s Performer Spotlight.

By Anna Zepeda and Adan Villa

How many years have you been involved in the band?

Probably six or seven years. I play baritone – I just like the sound.

How did you get into the band?

I was kind of shunned by my director about it, and I thought it was kind of interesting… I joined.

What do you like best about the band?

Probably the making friends moments. [I enjoyed] playing pep band at marching band.

Who has mentored you as a performer?

Probably my band director.

What is next for you (in high school, college, or beyond)?

Probably making a symphonic band

Who is your biggest supporter?

Probably my family. My family’s always been there for me, and music just runs in the family.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

My band director, Mrs. J. With her coming to the school, she is doing an amazing job already [for] the band program.