Performer Spotlight: Kenya Bahena speaks her mind


Photo by Leslie Fireman

Senior Kenya Bahena is a long-time member of the Speech Team.

By Thania Villagran, Reporter

When did you start involving yourself with the speech team?

I started my freshman year. I remember going to the audition and I was very nervous because I didn’t know what to expect or anything…They gave us a packet with like little excerpts for like all the different events, and so I decided to audition with the radio piece because that’s what my sister had done and a thought that was something cool to do.

What made you a part of the speech team?

My sister was involved with it when she was in high school, and that’s how I got to know about it and how I got involved…she was in it for all four years.

How’s it been?

It’s been really fun. It’s a very involved activity because we do spend a lot of time together. Our tournaments are on Saturdays, so we get here at about six in the morning and get in a bus and go to a high school and compete, basically all day…It’s about every Saturday, but there are weeks when we don’t have a tournament..about November to February.

Best memory there?

I really like when we do Secret Santa within our Speech Team during Christmas; that’s always a fun thing, exchanging gifts. Like a lowkey hangout with the team.

Has there been any advantage with being in the Speech Team?

Speech Team is public speaking, so it helps with that aspect of public speaking and when I have to do a class presentation or to speak in front of a lot of people, it helps me gain confidence in that area.

Any stage fright? Tips and so on?

I always get stage fright, even now that I’ve been on it for four years. I just kinda use that to my advantage. Having that fear, it’s kinda letting you know that you care. If you’re afraid, then you care, and you want to do good – you want things to turn out well. I use that and train all that into my performances.

Would you recommend people to join?

I’d say that anyone can join and should join. It’s really fun: there’s 14 different events, and there’s something for anyone, even if you’re not comfortable with public speaking. We’ll help you get more comfortable.