Performer Spotlight: Jose Jurado plays tones that echo his laid-back personality


Senior Jose Jurado is a member of the Honors Symphony Orchestra at West Chicago Community High School. (Original photo courtesy of Jose Jurado)

By Miguel Garcia, Reporter

Senior Jose Jurado sits down with reporter Miguel Garcia to discuss his participation in orchestra at West Chicago Community High School.

What year did you start doing orchestra?

I started doing orchestra as a high school freshman.

What instrument do you play and how long have you been playing it?

I play the violin, and I have played for seven to eight years, so I have a lot of talent.

What inspired you to join the orchestra at the high school?

I didn’t really have much inspiration. I just needed something in the off-hand, so my parents just signed me up for a violin for a private group, and here I am.

What role do you play for?

I am mostly kind of like a mediator, so I can either play first or second.

What was the biggest performance that you have ever done during your time at orchestra?

During my time at orchestra? Well I didn’t get to personally join it since it was my freshman year, it was going to Disney and playing over in Orlando. I didn’t get to join because I joined a little too late, unfortunately.

Have you received any achievement that you would like to share us?

Not really from orchestra, but from another group I received a plaque and then I certificate as well, and that was from the state.