Performer Spotlight: Kevin Dorl believes in hard work


Photo by Lifetouch

Junior Kevin Dorl is a member of the Honors Wind Ensemble and school’s marching band.

By Evelyn Herrera, Reporter

What band class are you currently in?

Currently, I’m in Honors Wind Ensemble which is the top band and usually it is for the upperclassmen. It definitely took a lot of work and you know, working hard on my auditions, but I made it to the top band.

Can you explain a bit more about the type of classes you took?

So to get to where I am now, I started off as a freshman in Concert Band, which is essentially, by default, the band that all freshmen go through, and then from there you audition and you can get into the top band as soon as sophomore year. However, I stayed, I moved up a band, but it was like the intermediate middle band and then by the end of my sophomore year, I auditioned and successfully got into Honors Wind.

What instrument are you currently playing?

I’m playing clarinet, but for the marching season, I’m a drum major so I don’t play, I conduct.

Have you taken private classes outside of WEGO for clarinet?

I actually have not; however, it’s something that I’m definitely interested in doing.

What inspired you to join band?

I just remember, in fifth grade, the band teachers coming in with all the instruments and I thought they were super cool. I tried out so many instruments: saxophone, flute, and trumpet. Actually, trumpet was my first instrument, however, I found that I didn’t really like it, so my teacher switched me to clarinet and ever since, I’ve been playing.

Dorl directs his fellow musicians during the Marching Band Showcase in October. (Photo by Lifetouch)

What didn’t you like about playing the trumpet?

Honestly, I felt like the sound wasn’t really my thing, and I really didn’t fit like trumpet, and it just wasn’t an instrument that was for me, personally.

Have you ever thought about quitting band?

Honestly, yeah. There were times in middle school where I thought, you know, band was too hard and ‘I can’t do this’, and just self-doubt to the point where I did know if I would be able to continue it. But eventually, I stuck through.

How do you juggle your life as a student and your life as a band student?

I understand that being a student comes first. Band is an extracurricular, and it’s like an escape from academics because you’re playing music and doing something that you enjoy.

Do you plan to pursue music as a career choice or is it just a hobby?

For now, it’s just a hobby, but I don’t really see music being in my life as a career, so I think it will continue being as a hobby throughout college and stuff.

Do you have something to say about your fellow band members in your class?

I just want to say that those in band stick through it: it’s a good hobby to have. I think music is really great, just, stick through it if it’s what you love, and if, maybe, you don’t have a hobby, maybe try band and see if you like it, and, you know, figure something that you like.