Performer Spotlight: Angie Jacobo


By Amanda Perez, Reporter

Tell me about your family.

I’m Angie and I am a twin, my family is very musical. I mean everyone of us plays an instrument, we all do our own stuff.

What instrument do you play?

I play the clarinet and sometimes I play the cello.

How long have you been playing?

I haven’t played for that long actually, I started like the clarinet in 7th grade which is like a little bit late. I started cello like in 4th grade with everyone else.

What made you start playing?

Well the cello, I started playing just for fun because my sister was doing it and she was playing the viola. For clarinet I just did it because my friends were doing it. For both of them I just ended up finding a nice little fun thing to do.

 Is it meaningful to you in any way? Or is it just for fun?

It’s definitely a really fun thing. My life wouldn’t have been the same if I didn’t do it so yeah it definitely does help me.

Is there still something you are learning to play? Any other instrument besides those two? 

Yeah I have a lot of instrument at my house so sometime I just play around with them, I mean my sister plays the plays the viola and she used to play the French horn so I like to try it out and experiment and we have a violin too which is also very cool.

 How talented would you consider yourself? Do you think you can actually teach someone else?

I could definitely teach someone else, but you know it’s not really hard.