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Humans of WEGO: Pursuing her ‘wildest dreams’

English teacher Alexandra Schwartz entertained students with her love for Taylor Swift, and her great sense of humor.
Photo by Yace Morejon
English teacher Alexandra Schwartz works with a student in her ninth period class during the 2023-24 school year.

Enchanted”. “Everything has Changed“. “Willow”.

All are among the favorites of Taylor Swift-obsessed teacher, Alexandra Schwarz. The English teacher quickly became recognized across WEGO for her interest in the pop megastar. In fact, when she was interviewed by wego_interviews27 in the fall about her current favorite album, past and present students were stunned when Schwartz failed to list one of Swift’s, and instead claimed to be listening to Olivia Rodrigo’s “GUTS“.

However, those who know Schwartz well should not have been surprised – she is a pop music enthusiast, whose interests veer beyond Swift.

“So I am a Swiftie, but it’s only this year that it’s really become a personality. So many students come up to me and say, ‘Oh my God, you like Taylor Swift,’ and that’s true,” Schwarz said.

In fact, One Direction is the band with which Schwartz might really be obsessed.

“If they got back together today, I would max out my bank account getting front row tickets,’’ Schwarz said.

Although her classroom is void of Swiftie memorabilia, Schwartz’s whiteboard is lined with notes of thanks from students – past and present. (Photo by Yace Morejon)

There is no Swiftie memorabilia in Schwartz’s classroom, nor does she play the favored artist in class. However, she does incorporate Swift’s lyrics into her lessons from time to time.

Music is a big part of this self-described Millennial’s life. She enjoys Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, Niall Horan, the Lumineers, and Nothing but Thieves, the last of which she describes as “more raw.” 

Sophomore Alina Fernandez appreciates Schwartz’s sense of humor and relatability. (Photo by Yace Morejon)

Her interest in pop, alternative and indie songs may stem from her childhood.

“My childhood was really fun. So I am a Gen Z. But I had a very Millennial childhood. I remember some of the old TV shows. I feel like Disney Channel was in its prime. And then my brother and I were also in athletics. We did a lot of different sports,” Schwartz said.

Even now, she enjoys watching TV and movies in her spare time, and having intellectual discussions about film.

“I think especially as an English [teacher], you see movies in a different way. Almost the artistic medium of film. Sounds kind of boring to say that’s a hobby, but that is really what I’m going to do,” Schwartz said.

Schwarz went to Lake Park High School, and after that, she proceeded on to College of DuPage before graduating with a degree in English  from Elmhurst University. 

After her experiences at Lake Park, Schwarz knew she wanted to study English.

The teacher that inspired me the most was my high school Spanish teacher, Ms. Greenfield, whom I had for three out of the four years I took Spanish. She was amazing at breaking down information with us, keeping us focused, but also having fun and telling us about her life. I chose English because it’s my personal favorite subject, but the person who has inspired me to be as knowledgeable as I can in English was my college English professor, Dr. Wilcox. He was the prime example of the elderly genius professor, and the way he analyzed literature (down to every line and detail) was such a great model for how I analyze and teach literature today,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz and fellow English 1 Honors teacher Daniela Almarales. (Photo by Yace Morejon)

Before taking a job at West Chicago Community High School, Schwartz worked as a special education aid for a year; however, she likes teaching high school students because they understand a lot more than other grade levels.

“[Sarcasm is] my main sense of humor. And that’s also why I like high school because you guys pick up on that really well,” said Schwarz. 

That sense of humor is not lost on the students, who relate to the young teacher.

“She is full of jokes and such an understanding person. I love how she can understand anything and everything I talk or share with her. She is hilarious and her sarcasm makes class fun and funny. I love having her as a teacher,” sophomore Alina Fernandez said.

Likewise, Schwartz says the students make her laugh and she loves hearing their stories. Ultimately, Schwartz hopes that her students also see her as someone they can go to when navigating the “rough” aspects of high school, too.

“I just like talking to all of you. I feel like that’s why my teaching style is always very casual, because I just like discussing things with you guys and hearing your jokes. So I’ve really enjoyed it so far. There’s definitely that sense of community. I can see why they call it Community High School,” Schwartz said. 

Although Schwartz is leaving WEGO for new opportunities at the end of the 2023-24 school year, her coworkers have enjoyed having Schwartz on the team. 

“I admire that Ms. Schwarz is someone who is always put together – from her cute outfits, her room decor, teaching materials, to her organization. She just carries the air about her that she is efficient, effective, and prepared. I really respect someone who can present themself in that way! Ms. Schwarz is a great coworker to have around because she is open, honest, and can always brighten up a meeting with her humor and little anecdotes. She contributes positively at all of our team meetings and takes the initiative when it comes to making the team’s ideas a reality. Overall, just a great person to be around,’’ English teacher Malak Ahmad said.

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