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[PHOTO ESSAY] The final 8: the last week (of the year) of journalism

With the recent graduation of the seniors, and only a few underclassmen remaining the journalism room became a hub for article writing, game playing, and bonding.
Photo by Jonathan Saucedo
Sophomore Giselle Suarez practices her composition skills using a Nikon d5300.

Journalism/JPro are two classes that – this year – mainly consisted of seniors due to it being an English elective for their 4-year English requirement, When the day of graduation comes, one might question what is left for the underclassmen in the journalism room. Certainly, this reporter did.

Nearing the end of the school year, only eight undergraduate students remained in journalism. Due to the two weeks remaining before final exams, the reporters – at all levels – were given a project to work on: photo essays. Come along and see the daily lives of the journalists and their journey to make a successful final piece.

Photo by Jonathan Saucedo

It is important to begin the tour by showing those who have graduated, that their memory as a journalist will forever be on this window (previous reporters/students who created what journalism is to this day). 

“They were cool. Eshan’s cool, Carlos’s cool, Zach’s cool. Every single person here was cool,” junior Luis Reyes said.

(Correction: apparently these photos will not forever be on this window – according to journalism adviser Leslie Fireman, they will be removed in August to make way for new reporters’ headshots.)

Nonetheless, walking into the computer lab, or J-lab, as it is sometimes called, there is a continuation of images of those who have graduated – this time through wacky photos that provide a glimpse into who they were and what they were like during their time at WEGO.

Despite these absences, the final seven journalism students in period two found ways to enjoy themselves in the lab, particularly by watching the music video for Jojo Siwa’s new hit single “Karma” while also working on their assignments. After all, they are still hard-working students in school.

“I think we get more done because Fireman is more focused on us because there are fewer people to see less people to watch. She can help with our articles more because the seniors are gone, and they were the majority. I think this class is better as a smaller group,” sophomore Juliet Payton said.

Photo by Jonathan Saucedo

Although some were less locked in than others, after being exposed, Reyes shortly apologized to the class and started to work, even checking out a camera to complete his assignment.

And of course, one cannot forget journalism’s pet/mascot, Baby Gronk, who will stay in the J-lab and be passed on for many generations to come – for as long as the journalism class stands in WEGO.

Photo by Jonathan Saucedo

Sophomore Gabriella Castro needed an eyelash care break, as one does. Just because the semester is almost over does not mean one has to stop looking like ‘that’ girl.

“I curl my eyelashes in class. I have straight eyelashes so this is like a period where I try to maintain my curls because we gotta lot of time here. I always wanna look my best. I’m very passionate about my eyelashes,” Castro said.

After a few minutes of goofing off, the class was assigned a mission outside to practice some of their shots for their upcoming project (the aforementioned photo essay.) Castro and fellow sophomore Giselle Suarez put their professional skills to work outside of entrance B trying their best to capture that leading lines feel.

“I mean, I just liked taking pictures in general, so that’s why I like journalism, and I think journalism helped me take photos so that day I liked practicing it,” Suarez said.

As the students in gym class had to run a mile, Fireman thought there might be some action shots worth taking near the track. During the last week of the gym, a continuous row of fitnesses exercises tests a student’s mental and physical compacity. 

Suarez and Castro tried to look for the best angle in the hopes of capturing sprouting plants. Although they had quite a hard time focusing the camera (they had the wrong mode on), they were able to achieve a great photo successfully.

With composition strategies in check, the semi-long session of gathering professional photos came to an end, and the journalism students headed back inside the school building to discuss their next moves.

Friday came along the corner very quickly. With most of the j0urnalists’ projects complete, or on hold until the weekend, the class decided to enjoy their last full class day together and play a game known as Sushi Go. The students seemed to enjoy the game although there was a cheater in the group.

“Who has the most pudding in the end? One, two, three. We all lose six points. I have four makis,” Fireman said.

No, she was not speaking gibberish: these are terms relative to the card game.

Photo by Jonathan Saucedo

Once all final exams and assignments had been turned in, the class threw a mini party to celebrate their hard efforts. They forced junior Jonathan Saucedo to buy a pack of Celsius for the whole class, due to his net worth being higher than the rest. The team went out to play a game called Catch Phrase outside of entrance F.

Photo by Jonathan Saucedo

And with that, the photo essay on second period comes to an end. While some staff members are moving on to different electives, many are returning next year for Journalism Production. Newcomers are encouraged to take the class, as they may find they are passionate about reporting for the Wildcat Chronicle.

“I had to crank out articles quickly, but it’s fun. You should join it next year – you won’t regret it,” junior Mariah Varnado said.

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Jonathan Saucedo
Jonathan Saucedo, Opinions Editor
Jonathan is a junior at West Chicago Community High School. He joined Journalism last year and has learned many important lessons - especially that deadlines can be tricky. This year, Jonathan is an up-and-coming opinions section editor. He is grateful for this position and his ability to be a leader for the Chronicle. Besides Journalism, Jonathan loves the draw/sketch (although he may not be good at it, he draws in his free time and during school when classes get a little boring). He also has a very sociable personality and can talk to people very easily, but when it comes to a presentation, he kind of falls off. His goal for this year's JPro class is to at least publish 25 assignments over the course of the year. Well, the task may be tough, but he believes in himself and so should you. Oh, and another one of his goals is to find a job. Over the summer, he went on a job hunt, but a lot of businesses declined, leaving Jonathan sad and broke. He is excited for Journalism and cannot wait to be a part of the team all year long - and next year, as well, when he becomes a full-on editor and the last of his peers. 
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