Performer Spotlight: Leah Nika lives a musical life


Senior Leah Nika is involved in concert choir and the honors acapella group at West Chicago Community High School. (Photo illustration by Wildcat Chronicle Staff)

By Sofia Tamayo, Reporter

How long have you been a member of the WEGO music department?

Since freshman year, so I guess you could count it as four- but yeah, it’s been a bit.

What part of the music department are you in?

Uh, choir. Because band kids are weird. 

How long have you been singing?

Well I sang in middle school but I didn’t like it very much. I don’t know, it wasn’t very well put together. I think it’s better now but yeah, middle school I kind of did it off and on a little bit, and then I stuck with it in high school so…

Did you sing before that at all?

 Well yeah, I sing all the time

 Do you have any other musical talents, other than singing?

 I play piano, I can play clarinet but it’s rough(you know), um I got a recorder in my bag I could whip out.

How long have you been playing piano?

I don’t know, I started when I was five and I’m 18 now so 13 years.

Do you enjoy playing the piano?

Oh yeah I love it, yeah, I was- Like I am classically trained pianist 

Do you participate in any music programs outside of school?

 I did the musical freshman and junior. They canceled it sophomore year so I was in, uh no, they canceled it freshman year so I did sophomore and junior year, and they did theory of relativity and little shop of horrors. And that was a lot of fun and then at church I sing in the choir sometimes which that’s also pretty fun. I like to make it sound better.

What did you do in the musical?

 I was in the pit yeah, I was keyboard two in The Theory of Relativity sophomore year. And I was keyboard one last year.  I hope, I think I’m gonna be in it this year for Freaky Friday I think it is and I hope I get keyboard one because Jack wants keyboard two.

What inspires you?

Uh okay, you know when you see a really hard thing in music right, and you’re just like wow this looks difficult, imagine if I could play that. I like seeing that and being like wow what if I could play that in the future and then I just be like look how hard this is and I can do it.  

Do you wish to continue with music in the future?

 Oh hell yeah, yeah, I’m not majoring in music or anything in college but like I wanna do, I don’t know, maybe like a little glee club you know what I mean. On the side. I don’t, I can’t stop singing because then my voice is gonna get worse and I’m just gonna be sad, you know. So I wanna, I wanna keep it up. 

 What parts do you sing in choir?

I sing alto one and soprano two. It depends on the choir. 

What choirs are you in?

I’m in chamber choir, I’ve been in there for, this is my third year and then I’m in concert choir right now.   

 What makes concert choir and chamber choir different?

Chamber choir, with its a cappella so that means that when we perform we don’t have a pianist we just sing with only voices and then concert choir it has more people and the we sing with the piano.