Performer Spotlight: Shayla Hernandez plays from the heart


Photo by Shayla Hernandez

Senior Shayla Hernandez is a violinist in WEGO’s orchestra program.

By Kary Hernandez, Reporter

What is the earliest memory you have of playing the violin?

I actually have two memories: one is freezing up on stage because of stage fright (core memory), and another one was when I was around nine, ten years old. My friends and I were playing tag while having our violins in hand, and I tripped and fell on top of a borrowed violin which then broke.

What type of music did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to Mexican music. Growing up I listened to Selena Quintanilla a lot, and I even dressed up as her on Halloween and had a mini concert for my family.

Is there anyone who inspired you to be a violinist? 

I heard Heidi Murillo play once and I was amazed by her. Her and Analucia Lopez play the violin beautifully and amazing[ly], which inspires me to continue to play the violin.

What opportunities have you gained by playing the violin?

I’ve played in the Tutti Chamber/Quintet [where a] group of five instruments play together. I’ve gotten to play at a Symphony Orchestra in West Chicago, I joined Chamber, attended IROC festival, played in churches and different concerts in Wheaton for CODA, and been a teacher assistant in CODA.

With all these great opportunities I’ve been given, I was able to gain a lot of leadership roles which helped me put myself out there.

What motivates you to continue to play the violin?

My teacher, Ms. Grace, has always motivated me to play the violin through opportunities, motive, music and challenges she has given me.

Click the video below for one of Hernandez’s favorite playlists.