Performer Spotlight: Javier Garcia describes time as a viola player in WCCHS Orchestra


Photo by Javier Garcia

Senior Javier Garcia discusses his experience with orchestra.

By Asa Kuharich and Adan Villa

How many years have you been involved in Orchestra?

Since fourth grade, so that’d be eight years? This is my eighth.

How did you get into Orchestra?

Third grade, the middle school teacher came and she presented with the violin, viola and cello, and she talked about the orchestra program, and I got really excited for it. I always wanted to do some activities besides just school. And then, the viola really interested me because it’s not a common instrument, and so I wanted to have something special to do.

What do you like best about Orchestra?

I like the way that we prepare for our music: it’s lots of practicing, lots of memorization, and lots of little details that you have to pay attention to for just one night, and one time. Usually our songs are less than five minutes, and so having a good time playing it, and doing a good job, I think that’s the fun of it, because you get a reward with it. It’s always been fun to play with other people. Playing together and performing concerts well after weeks of practice is always satisfying.

Who has really mentored you as a performer?

Probably my mom. Just because she is the one who really pressured me into playing. At the times that I have second-guessed myself in playing an instrument, she was the one that really made me go back to it, showing me the beauty of it, and showed me that it is something that I should carry.

And, you mention that the viola really interested you because it’s not common. What else do you like about playing the viola?

(Laughs) What else do I like about the viola? I like that [the viola is] the middle instrument. It’s not too low, like the cello, but it’s not too high, like the violin. It has a balance to it.

Do you think playing the viola will carry over as you get older?

Viola is always gonna be part of my life. I’ll have knowledge that lots of people don’t have, and it’ll impact what emotions you bring to the people around you. I think playing the viola will really help me with that.