Athlete Spotlight: Ema Tomasevic backhands junior year

What sport(s) do you play?

So I’ve been doing tennis since freshman year, and then I’ve also been doing track and field. I did throwing for two years. Discuss and shot put.

How long have you been participating in both of these sports?

This was my third year, and then track and field this will be my third year as well.

Junior Ema Tomasevic advances to hit the ball during warm-ups before a meet earlier this year. (Photo by Yearbook Staff)

What made you decide to join? 

I didn’t have any experience in tennis. I just would play for fun sometimes,  so I just honestly thought it would be fun to try something new, and then for track, it was just something to just stay active. Then I just ended up doing that just as an off-season thing after, for tennis.

What has been your most memorable experience playing tennis at WEGO?

My most memorable moment playing tennis was sophomore year, when my doubles partner at the time, Anelise [Velasco], won a conference at our level, and it was a cool moment for us.

Who inspires you as an athlete?

Simone Biles is an inspiring athlete because she shows how it’s okay to put yourself first, and how it’s okay to prioritize your mental health sometimes, and that you can come back and still do great things and accomplish a lot. 

Was it hard joining tennis not knowing much about the sport?

I was a little hesitant at first, but honestly,  I had a really good JV coach, and he was supportive. The team, overall, everyone was super friendly, even the upperclassmen when I was a freshman. They all just made it a super fun environment to learn something new.