Athlete Spotlight: Vincent Muci finishes the football season


Photo by Lifetouch

Junior Vincent Muci talks football with Saad Abdulazeez.

By Saad Abdulazeez, Reporter

When did you first start playing football?

I started playing football in kindergarten, my last year of kindergarten, right before I went to first grade, and I’ve been playing ever since. 

What was your favorite memory of playing football?

I guess going to the Super Bowl my seventh grade year with my team; that was pretty fun  

What was your favorite memory of playing football at WEGO?

My favorite football memory at WEGO? Probably when we beat Fenton last year. Even though I didn’t play, just felt good to get a win.

Yeah, I agree. What was the switch from JV to varsity like?

I wanted to stay down just to like ’cause I didn’t think I was ready mentally and physically for Varsity, but then I went up and I did good. It felt good to get up there and play with the bigger guys. 

Who is your favorite football player and why?

Who’s my favorite football player and why? 

It could be anyone.

Anyone? I’m gonna say Luke Kuechley because he was a beast. He would kill anyone he saw, and he read the defense like no other, and I just loved to watch him when I grew up.