Athlete Spotlight: Alyssa Elizondo


Senior Alyssa Elizondo is one of three team captains on this year’s softball team. (Photo by Lifetouch; used with permission)

By Adrian Munoz, Reporter

Reporter Adrian Munoz sat down with four-year softball member and team co-captain Alyssa Elizondo to learn more about her history with the sport.

What sports do you play?

Softball, wrestling, and cross country. Softball, I started playing when I was seven, eight-years-old: I ended up liking and playing it and kept on going with it.

Who inspired you?

My two older sisters. They both played softball here at West Chicago Community High School.

What is the most memorable moment you had?

Making friends on team. We were all close, and we were all friends. [And] we won conference. We were really good last year.

Who did you face in that conference game?

We were tied with South Elgin, [and then] we slipped up, but we didn’t slip up. We lost to them, and then we each had one loss against each other.  Glenbard East beat South Elgin, I think, and that made us win. [And then in the playoff,] we were good, we were doing good in the beginning, and I don’t know what happened, but we started getting into our heads, I think, and we lost. It was just an interesting game; I don’t really know, I don’t really remember.

You don’t have a good moment where you came close to someone, or something so good that stuck with you, like in a game, you hit a home run…?

In a game, I dove for a ball. The first one I dove, ’cause it was a pop fly, and I got it, and the next one it hit the ground. It wasn’t for school; it was for my travel team. Most of the people are on a travel team. There is definitely a difference between travel and high school, ’cause high school, you’re playing every single day. Travel is kinda hard to explain. You play other teams, you play other teams out of state, but you also play [in] tournaments.

What travel team were you on?

Wolverines. Winfield. And the Phillies. Glen Ellyn

You don’t stick to the same travel team?

You can, but this year, there wasn’t gonna be a travel team for the Wolverines.

How has your experience been going overall, playing softball?

I like it because it’s kinda a mental game. I also like team. [Softball] counts on each person to make a play, [but] if you make a mistake, you have to just forget about it and move on. Each person has to do their job.

Do you feel you are going to win conference overall this year?

I think we can do it: we are pretty good.