Athlete Spotlight: Daniel Kuriakose offers limited but controversial words


Sophomore Daniel Kuriakose has already attended state competitions in chess and math: will he do the same in boys’ tennis? (Photo illustration by Wildcat Chronicle Staff)

By Dhanveer Gill, Managing Editor

How long have you been playing tennis?

Since freshman year.

Do you play singles or doubles?

I played both freshman year, but I probably will play singles this year.

Are you in any other activities at WEGO?

Chess and Math Team. I went to state for Math Team, and state for chess.

Do you think that chess counts as a sport?

Well, it sorta does, ’cause it depends on who you’re asking. Me, I think it is a sport because I play competitive chess. Someone who plays casual chess won’t think it’s a sport; they’re just playing for fun.

Right… so, what do you think about math, though, competitive math? Do you think it falls in the category of sport?

Yeah, ’cause it’s harder than regular math class.

Any messages you can probably say to the freshman or even some upperclassmen who are also looking to join sports this year? Anything positive you can say?

If you join any sports or activities, you can get more friends and get more involved throughout the school.