Athlete Spotlight: Jennyfer Gomez finds her niche in track


Photo by Lifetouch

Jennyfer Gomez is a multi-year track athlete who enjoys the team comraderie.

By Vanessa Garcia, Reporter

When did you get involved in track?

I started freshman year, but obviously, it got cut short due to COVID. So my official first year was last spring.

What made you take interest in this sport?

Coach Belding was very persistent in convincing me that track was the sport for me!

And if track didn’t exist, which sport would you take interest in?

I’d probably still be playing basketball for the school. I played sixth grade, seventh grade, and freshman year.

What do you like most about track?

I like how involved the team is: we’re like a family, and if we ever need help, no one’s annoyed. Everyone just wants to be better with each other.

Do you have a memorable experience in track?

My most memorable moment was my first track meet because it was a conference meet, and it was also my second time high jumping. I got fifth place, which I thought was pretty cool.

Is it hard to keep up with a sport? Is it stressful?

It’s kind of difficult juggling a sport and school in general. I think it’s a little easier because my team will help me out if I ever need it.

Do you have any advice for other students getting involved with track next year?

I would say to get in the weight room: you won’t get any better if you don’t work on your skills on your own time.

You also don’t want to compare yourself to your teammates that have been running since elementary school, because we all start somewhere. That the team is here to cheer you on.