Athlete Spotlight: Adrian Munoz scores the athletic lifestyle


By Karina Lemus and Chuck Baumgartner

What sport(s) do you play?

The sports I’m playing right now is wrestling and I do football.

How long have you been participating in football and wrestling?

In wrestling, I started my freshman year, and football I’ve been playing since the fourth grade.

What made you decide to join those sports? 

I joined wrestling because wrestling was a sport to help me out with football and basically my ability to be better in football.

What do you like most about football and wrestling? 

I would say just to be more physical and be open-minded about things I would do.

What has been your most memorable experience playing football at WEGO?

For football, I would say my freshman year when I started playing quarterback and won against Bartlett, which was a pretty good game. We won fourteen to zero, and I was happy for how we all performed and stuff. It was a great experience.

Who is your favorite athlete in football and why? 

In football, it would be Russell Wilson because Russell Wilson was somebody I looked up to. I watched him since I was little, and he is a pretty good quarterback.