Athlete Spotlight: Zach Williamson runs rapidly into freshman year


By Roberto Mendoza and Chuck Baumgartner

What sports do you play?

Cross country and baseball.

How long have you participated in cross country?

Since sixth grade. Middle school.

What about baseball?

That would be since I was, like, seven.

What position do you play in baseball?

I pitch, and then probably shortstop.

What do you like most about cross country and baseball?

Cross country, I like the guys on the team. It’s really fun to do a hard workout with all of them because it makes it a lot easier, and gives you a lot more motivation. Baseball, I really like the data part of baseball and how the numbers work because you can look at how your performance is based on numbers a lot, and I really like to think about it that way.

What has been your most memorable experience running cross country at WEGO?

For our conference meet, we all ran very well, and I had one of my best races ever, but James Bloss still beat me, and it was a very fun race.

Who is your favorite athlete in cross country and why?

Probably my dad, because he was a very good cross country runner when he was in high school. He and my brother ran cross country in high school, so I get a lot of inspiration from them, and motivation because I want to be as good as them – and better.

Who is your favorite athlete in baseball and why?

My favorite athlete is probably Adam Wainwright. He’s a pitcher for the Cardinals. Now he’s 40, but he’s still really good because he’s just really smart, and knows how to pitch.