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2024 Oscars prediction

2024 Oscars prediction

By Sebastian Alarcon and Eshan Amir March 5, 2024

Weeks have passed since the initial announcement for the 96th annual Oscar, with nominations going to 53 unique pieces of film this year. As the day approached, we compressed our predictions across 12...

Each year the poster from the bake sale is printed, laminated and hung on  Haass classroom wall for remembrance.

Supporting women’s history month with baked treats

By Sasha Baumgartner, Editor-in-Chief March 5, 2024

To show the wage gap that exists in society, WeGo Global will be hosting a bake sale outside of commons on Thursday and Friday where customers will have to answer a question about the wage gap to determine...

The Höss familys garden captured in darkness just so happens to be the films primary promotional image (Photo courtesy of A24).

Seeing isn’t believing in ‘The Zone of Interest’

By Eshan Amir, Senior Reporter March 4, 2024

    The Hösses have the ideal life – family, friends, wealth, and the house of their dreams. There's just one small detail to note. Rudolf Höss has a job just down the street, as...

Students in ninth-period Journalism and Journalism Production enjoy an uncharacteristically warm day in February by holding their weekly committee meetings outdoors.

Wildcat Chronicle qualifies for Pacemaker

By Sami Moesch, Senior Reporter March 3, 2024

On Feb. 28, the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) announced its 26 Pacemaker finalists, including the Wildcat Chronicle, a first for the 100-year-old student-led newspaper. Like the Chronicle,...

The West Chicago Track Team gets ready for there races.

Boys’ track and field competes in 2024 Panther Invitational

By Ryan Zalak, Sports Editor March 2, 2024

West Chicago's boys' track and field team ran their fourth meet of the year, the Panther Invitational, on March 1 at Glenbard North High School, ultimately tying for fourth place with a score of 10 points. The...

The iconic packaging of HARIBO Goldbears, considered the #1 gummy in America, based on IRI sales data.

HARIBO Goldbears live up to the hype

  Hershey's chocolate bars. Lifesavers. Snickers. Dots. Sour Patch Kids. Kit Kats. Jolly Ranchers. Milky Way bars. All good candies, but they cannot compare to the classic HARIBO gummy bear. Those...

Parade of Champions strikes again

By Emily Ziajor and Sasha Baumgartner March 1, 2024

The sound of whistles and drums echo through the halls of West Chicago Community High School on Thursday, February 29 as band, cheer, and dance gathered in the hallway inside of entrance B in preparation...

Pickleball includes the use of a ping-pong-esque paddle, and a ball that looks more like a wiffle ball.

Pickleball: A cardiovascular trend worth playing

Have you ever loved playing tennis, but over time seemed to get bored of it? Do you love the thrill and playstyle you get only from tennis, but want another way of playing it with a similar goal? Pickleball...

Babies born on February 29 technically have to wait four whole years before being able to celebrate again, though most celebrate on Feb. 28 or March 1 instead. (Photo courtesy of Alexa Morales).

Four years old and a student in high school

By Sasha Baumgartner, Editor-in-Chief February 28, 2024

Kiara Lovett, a sophomore at WEGO, has to wait four years to celebrate her birthday on the "real" day. Lovett was born on February 29, or leap day, a day that is only included in the calendar approximately...

Capri-Sun is a favorite among high school students and younger children.

Artificial tropical flavors and lackluster packaging can’t top the popularity of this childhood staple

  On a scorching hot day, there is nothing more refreshing than Capri-Sun; however, decades after its initial release, the iconic summertime staple has proceeded down the path of corporate...

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