Athlete Spotlight: Joey Engstrom talks baseball


By Jose Lopez and Chuck Baumgartner

What sport do you play?

 I play baseball.

How long have you been participating in baseball?

Since I was 11 years old.

What do you like most about baseball?

In my opinion, it’s just fun. I have a lot of fun playing it.

Who is your favorite athlete?

I want to say it would probably be someone like Mike Trout because he put so much work and dedication into the game, and it proves because he’s really good, and it just gives me motivation to do the same.

Why did you choose to begin playing baseball?

My stepdad showed me how to play and I started liking the game, so I wanted to play. At 11, that’s when I really found baseball. I just had fun playing it in the back yard, and I decided to do more of it.

In addition to WEGO’s F/S team, what other teams do you play on?

I play for the park district.

Do you play any other sports?

I’m trying to branch out to other sports, like football, but mostly baseball.

How much do you practice?

It’s been changing. [Before the spring] I had been practicing around 30 minutes a day, but that’s gone up. But it [was] just doing the simple things, nothing like going to a field because, yeah, it [was] cold. But it [was] just also for that half-hour, maybe forty-five minutes if I want[ed]. It [was] just the simple things that I [kept] doing and it help[ed] me get better.

Have you ever won any trophies?

Last year, my team came close, for park district.

What has been your most memorable experience playing baseball at WEGO?

I think it’s just meeting new people, making friends, and knowing each other as teammates and building off of that.

Who inspires you as an athlete?

Probably my family because I want to do good, and that just gives me the motivation, inspiration, to keep going. I want to do everything for my family.