Athlete Spotlight: Senior Mariana Alfaro finishes dance on a high note


What sport do you participate in?

I do dance. 

How long have you been participating in dance?

I started the competition season my sophomore year, which was October of my sophomore year.

What made you decide to join dance?

I’ve been dancing for a while, I just never did it in school. I wanted to do dance my freshman year, I just didn’t know when they had tryouts, so I decided to [start] my sophomore year. I was with my friend one day, and we saw that there was a sign saying that there were tryouts for competition season, and so I just decided to join with my friend.

What do you like most about dance?

Football season is my favorite ’cause it’s not as stressful as competition season, and I like the dances more. I like the football games, and doing half-time, and sidelines.

What is your favorite dance move?

I like turns. 

What has been your most memorable experience dancing at WEGO?

My sophomore year, we went to go compete – I think it was [against] Elgin High School – so I was on JV at the time, and we placed third at conference. And that was the first year they had a JV team.

Favorite teambuilding experience?

The progressive dinner. I didn’t do progressive dinner this year because I went to Mexico, but I remember doing it my sophomore year and it was fun because all the Varsity team has people go to their houses for eating and stuff. And it was fun because we did Secret Santa and wore pajamas.