Top 5 places to visit in Denmark


Photo by Leslie Fireman

Those traveling to Europe this summer will want to check out the top 5 places to visit in Denmark.

By Ida Soeholm Bertram, Reporter

Denmark: a European country filled with green living. Soccer and handball. A female prime minister.  Sandy beaches. A royal family. Lots of ocean. Ca. 14.000 years old history. Great healthcare. The Vikings. Danish pastries. Beautiful nature. Fantasy and fairytales. Fashion. Towering mountains. LEGO. Bike culture. The Danish hot dog. High-quality design. The friendly people. The Danish language. 

If you have been waiting for a chance to experience the best country in Europe, you will want to visit Denmark. To help prepare you for your trip, here are the top 5 places to visit in wonderful Denmark!

The foundation for Møns Klint was laid from the sea 70 million years ago. (Photo by Ib Jensen)

#5 Møns Klint, Borre

The 70-million-year-old topical-looking chalk cliffs of Møns Klint gently crumble into the Baltic Sea on the Danish island of Møn, making the beautiful blue water crystal clear. 

It is possible to go diving, snorkeling or sailing by the cliffs, which give visitors the chance to explore the beautiful nature of the area.

Many tourists rent a horse on the island and take a trip around the island on horseback.

Denmark is a parliamentary representative democracy, as well as a constitutional monarchy in which Queen Margrethe is the head of State. (Photo by GetYourGuide)

#4 Christiansborg, Copenhagen

Christiansborg is Denmark’s answer to the White House. The palace and government building are where the Danish Premier Minister’s office is, as well as the Supreme Court and Danish Parliament. 

It is possible to tour inside and get a feeling for what it is like to be the Prime Minister of Denmark. Visitors will also see lots of prime minister portraits and the royal family’s history, which goes back more than 800 years.

The Billund airport is across from LEGOland, so it is possible for the tourists to easily explore the original LEGOLAND. (Photo by LEGOland Billund Resort)

#3 The Original LEGOland Park, Billund

In the western half of Denmark, called Jutland, in a little town (Billund), you will find the first LEGOland ever opened

Back in 1958, LEGO became a building tool with unlimited potential. LEGO is actually an abbreviation of two Danish words, “leg” and “godt”, meaning “play well”. These toys were designed by a creative family, originally headed by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, and now run by his grandson.

The park contains rollercoasters, shops, restaurants, and a Miniland area, which is built of millions of LEGO plastic bricks.  A must-do is the rollercoaster known as The Extreme Racer.

Every year on Queen Margrethe’s birthday, April 16, she stands at her balcony and waves to all present. (Photo by DFDS)

#2 Amalienborg Castle, Copenhagen

Amalienborg Castle is not just any castle in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, but is also home to one of the world’s oldest monarchies: Queen Margrethe and her son, Crown Prince Frederik, as well as Frederik’s wife, Crown Princess Mary, and their four children live at the castle.

Everyday at noon, you can watch the changing of the guards as they march from their barracks by Rosenborg Castle through the streets of Copenhagen to Amalienborg, often with music.

In 2018, more than 4.8 million people visited Tivoli in Denmark’s capital. (Photo by Travel BL)

#1 Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

In the heart of Copenhagen sits the large amusement park Tivoli, visited by thousands of tourists and Danes every year.

Tivoli is mostly famous for its beautiful grounds, and for having one of the world’s oldest wooden roller coasters, built back in 1914. This fun ride takes visitors through a series of caves situated around a mountain, and reaches speeds of up to 50 km/hour. 

Tivoli is the fifth-most visited amusement park in the whole of Europe, and is amazing to visit – especially during the holidays when the park boasts gorgeous light shows, high spirits, and lots of fun.