Athlete Spotlight: Jason Sartore and Quinn Hasselgren shoot for the stars


By Chuck Baumgartner

The duo at a young age: Jason (left) and Quinn (right). (Photo courtesy of Quinn Hasselgren)

What sport do you play?

Quinn: Basketball.

Jason: I play basketball.

How long have you played the sport?

Quinn: Since I was 5 years old.

Jason: Since I was 4 years old.

How long have you known each other?

Both: Since third grade.

Who is your favorite athlete and why?

Quinn: Michael Jordan. He is the greatest player of all time. Even though I didn’t watch him play live, I still enjoy watching his career highlights and clutch moments.

Jason: Michael Jordan. Watching The Last Dance inspired me to have a hardworking mentality.

Most memorable moment playing basketball ever?

The eighth grade championship squad consisted of several WEGO students, including Sartore (back, second from left) and Hasselgren (back, third from right). (Photo by Chuck Baumgartner)

Quinn: Scoring a game-winner in seventh grade to advance in the playoffs.

Jason: Winning a championship in eighth grade with my middle school and travel team teammates all together before we advanced to high school.

Most memorable moment playing basketball at WEGO?

Quinn: Being a captain for the freshman basketball team, and being captain of the sophomore team.

Jason: Scoring 24 points in a game freshman year.

Who inspires you as an athlete?

Quinn: Steve Kahlfeldt.

Jason: My former coach in elementary and middle school, Jeff Walker.

From the Bleachers

According to senior Dylan Krupp, playing with Hasselgren and Sartore as part of the eighth-grade championship team “was great because we were always competing against each other, [and] when we came together, we were able to win.”

Sartore’s inspiration and former coach, Walker, said, “One thing about Jay is that he is always been a fierce competitor. He was a dog on defense, stealing the ball in the 1-3-1 trap. He gets everything out of his abilities. He is a great teammate and was always a pleasure to coach.”

The 2019-2020 sophomore basketball team that Hasselgren captained along with senior James Kostomiris. (Photo by Chuck Baumgartner)

Senior Angelina Pinkevich said Hasselgren’s “work ethic and composure have inspired me to work harder, work smarter, play harder, do better, and to be better to achieve great things.”

Sartore has made the honor roll every semester, and is a member of the National Honor Society, as well as Pep Club. Sartore has yet to commit to a college, and is undecided as to what to study, but wants to expand his overall knowledge.

Hasselgren has also been on the honor roll every semester, and achieved high honor roll multiple times. Hasslegren is also a member of the National Honor Society. After high school, Hasselgren plans to attend Loyola University in Chicago to study biomedical engineering.

English teacher Kelsey Wirkus described Sartore as “energetic” while senior James Kostomiris described Hasselgren as “outgoing.”

When the duo is together, senior Meadow Zomparelli said they are “chaotic,” but junior Chad Mayuga said, “They are like family.”