Athlete Spotlight: Brianna Gromos and Katie McGlynn set for senior year


By Zach Smith and Chuck Baumgartner

What sport(s) do you play?

Katie: I play volleyball and softball.

Brianna: I’m just volleyball.

How long have you been participating in volleyball and softball?

Katie: I have been doing softball since I was 4, and then volleyball since seventh grade, so like, 5 years.

Brianna: I’ve been playing volleyball since I was 10, so I’ve been doing it for 7  years.

What made you decide to join the sport? 

Katie: I wanted to meet new people, and the environment was very welcoming.

What do you like the most about volleyball?

Brianna: I just really like all the girls. The girls on my team are my best friends right now for [the] club and school. Volleyball has given me all my closest friends, so I think being able to play with your best friends is really fun, so that’s probably the best part.

What has been your most memorable experience playing volleyball at WEGO?

Katie: My most memorable experience there is the bus rides because we sing super loud and we just like have so much fun and get hyped for the game!

Brianna: I think mine is probably our home games and how we always tell people to come. There’s always a really big crowd. They’re always cheering super loud, and I remember freshman year we used to always pack the stands and it was so fun.

Who is your favorite athlete in volleyball and why? 

Brianna: I think my sister definitely. She played here and at NIU, and she’s looking to play her fifth year. She has always been a big inspiration to me because she introduced me to volleyball.

Who inspires you as an athlete?

Katie: Definitely my parents. They never pushed me to play a sport, but they always encouraged me and tried to come to all of my games, and support me with all of my extracurricular activities.