Top 5 Retro Jordans


Air Jordans have captivated sneakerheads for decades, and with even more retro options trending now, it is hard to select a top five. (Photo Illustration created by Wildcat Chronicle Staff using non-copyrighted images from Deybson Mallony and Derice Jason Fahnkow via

By Alejandro Perez and Anthony Cortez

One of the biggest debates in sneaker culture centers around. Jordans. These debates get really heated, as people’s favorites genuinely reveal their true character. But ultimately, there can only be a handful at the top of the list, and so, here are the top 5 Jordans of all-time.

#5 Jordan 5s Fire Reds 

The first Air Jordan in the decade of classic sneakers arrived during the 90s: the Air Jordan V. The model was released at a retail price of $125 USD, and dropped in four colorways during its initial run. 

After the Air Jordan 5 Fire Reds first launch, Nike produced its first retro during 2000 when they were announced as the first Air Retro of the new millennium. After, the shoe was released once again in 2013, and most recently in 2020. Since then, Jordan fans have seen over 40 retro drops of new and old colorways, mashups, and more recently, low tops.

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#4 Jordan 11s Breds 

There is something to be said about the now-famous black and red Jordan 11s, worn as the Chicago Bulls defeated the Seattle SuperSonics, bringing home Michael Jordan’s fourth title. There is a famous photo of MJ, face down, grasping.

When the Jordan 11s released into the market, within minutes, the shoes were wiped off the shelves. There were incidents of violence as store managers offered ridiculous prices to customers looking to get an early pair. Today, the shoes have a retail price of $225, but resell for $400-$500.

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#3 Jordan 3s Black Cements 

The most anticipated sneaker release of 2018 was the Air Jordan 3 Black Cement. The shoe is so popular, it has now been released six times in 30 years.

#2 Jordan 4s Breds

The return of an icon. The Air Jordan 4 was revealed following MJ’s MVP Award in 1989. The Jordan 4s Breds offer a high-performance design element. One of the most-loved sneakers of all time, retail is $200, and these shoes resell anywhere from $500-$600.

#1 Jordan 1s Chicago

The shoe that started it all, the Jordan 1. Sneakerheads can immediately spot this iconic shoe, which was released back in 1985 for a retail price of $65. Now, the resell value is $1800-2000.