The playlist recommendations you didn’t know you needed


Photo by NEOSiAM 2021

Bryan Dionicio reflects on his In My Head playlist and encourages readers to listen on shuffle.

By Bryan Dionicio, Reporter

Bryan Dionicio seeks others’ input on his 770-song playlist. (Photo by Bryan Dionicio)

“Haunted” by Isabel LaRosa.

“Me!Me!Me!” by Hideaki Anno.

“dreamcore//” by pathetic.

“dying on the inside” by Nessa Barrett.

“Tek It” by Cafuné.

“Notice” by Moe Shop. 

These are just a handful of songs that can be found on my playlist and in my head.

With 770 songs, my “In My Head” playlist may seem daunting. It is filled with music I like – songs that describe feelings that are hidden from others. Other songs are on there just because I like the rhythm and the topic the song is talking about. The playlist contains a mix of Indie music and electropop. 

When the song changes, it could actually be from any song genre – never just one. The issue with that, however, is that the subsequent song could be sad, happy, or something different entirely, and it can completely change my mood. Still, I recommend listening to the playlist on shuffle because it provides a better experience and can, in some way, share my perspective with the person listening. Perhaps you, too, will experience a wave of emotions listening to this playlist.

Bryan Dionicio

The first reason to check out this playlist is, as said, you never know what is going to come next. For example, you can be listening to “freak show” by Punkinloveee, which is in the dance/electronic genre, then the song “Da Da Is Tape To And U U U by Loli in early 20s, a song that has a breakbeat genre, follows. And then, the music transitions to the song “Softcore” by the neighborhood, a piece that stems from an alternative rock genre. This variety is important, as the playlist never feels too comfortable or predictable.   

Additionally, listening to my playlist will expand your musical horizons. Some songs  on “In My Head”  are tracks most people have never heard of before. Here are some examples: “Always Running” by AJ Dispirito and Matt X AJ, “Simple and Clean” by Hikaru Utada, and “society ///” by Pathetic. I found the song “Always Running” through the show “Meta Runner”, created by SMG4 and I really recommend the show on YouTube. The song “Simple and Clean” I discovered in the game “Kingdom Hearts”. When I first heard the song, I just fell in love with it – you will too.

Bryan Dionicio

In addition to exploring new music, in listening to this playlist, you will hear some truly phenomenal songs, ones that will floor you with their melodies. My top five favorite songs are 

  1. “Haunted” by Isabel LaRosa 
  2. “Spy?” by WHOKILLEDXIX 
  3. “dreamcore//” by Pathetic 
  4. “Freaks” by Surf Curse
  5. “TVI” by Surf Curse

True music appreciation involves listening to new music, out of your normal rotation. I really enjoy my playlist because when I am listening to it, I never know what other song I will get to hear next, and that mystery appeals to me. Some people say I am mysterious when they first talk to me, so it seems fitting that I like the element of surprise. 

Another thing that I recommend is that you listen to my playlist in shuffle to make the experience better. The issue arises when someone is enjoying one song, but then another track plays and they hate it. But, that is their opinion and I will accept it. Music is something everyone approaches differently.

Bryan Dionicio

The “In My Head” playlist is a mystery that is yet to be solved, but you are welcome to try.