WEGO Pep Club holds first-ever scavenger hunt


Photo by Elizabeth Mastoianni

The first place team arrives at Entrance B to claim their prize.

By Saad Abdulazeez, Reporter

Juniors Ava Lowell, Regan Miessler, Anna Pinkevich, and Gia Rotger were the winners of WEGO Pep Club’s first scavenger hunt on September 14.

Students gather at Entrance B to receive instructions and begin the scavenger hunt. (Photo by Elizabeth Mastoianni)

In total, nine teams signed up for the scavenger hunt, which kicked off at Entrance B at 6:00 p.m. The first-place team won $90, or approximately $22 per person. The other half of the funds collected as part of teams’ registration fees will go back to the Pep Club and be used for future events and games. 

The scavenger hunt started when participants were given an envelope that contained various locations around downtown West Chicago. Competitors had to run, or use bikes and scooters, but were not permitted to travel in cars. They needed to take pictures of themselves in front of the landmarks listed in their envelopes. The first team to return to the high school and show proof that they were present at all locations won the contest.

Figuring out a strategy was key to winning the game, according to Lowell.

We wanted to read all the places we had to go to first. Then we made a list to make it more efficient. The most difficult one was the exotic animal because we had to cross the street and we were stuck waiting for a while on our bikes,” said Lowell. 

Participants reported that they enjoyed the competition, which took them to a number of locations within a one-mile radius.

We all had a great time doing [the scavenger hunt]. It’s my senior year, so I’m just trying to enjoy it to the fullest. It was a lot of fun and I recommend anyone who is thinking about doing it, you will have fun. I would definitely do it again if given the opportunity,” said senior Keenan O’Keefe.

“My favorite part was almost getting hit by a bus because I didn’t look both ways before I crossed the street,” said Lowell. 

The hunt kicked off at 6:00 p.m., and concluded in just over a half-hour. 

“It’s the first time we’re trying it. We’ll probably learn a lot from this year and then kind of know what to do better in the future, and maybe how to market it better,” said Spanish teacher and Pep Club adviser Elizabeth Mastroianni.

From left to right, Keenan O’Keefe, Jack Schultz, Chad Mayuga and Fernan Reyes take a picture by a water fountain, one of their stops. (Photo by Elizabeth Mastroianni)

Pep Club is also run by teachers David Jennings and Mitch McKenna. This year the club has about 60 members, all seniors, and meets on Wednesday mornings. However, throughout the year they may adjust our meeting times depending on need.

In addition to the scavenger hunt, Pep Club oversees all the pep assemblies at West Chicago Community High School, and its “squad” forms the primary cheering section at school sporting events. Although the club is only open to upperclassmen, others can follow Pep Club on Instagram to stay up-to-date with the group’s upcoming events.

“Being able to see all the school spirit return this year has been incredible and we are really looking forward to keeping that going throughout the year,” said senior Gannon Hosticka, a member of Pep Club.