Top 5 places to eat in West Chicago

Have you ever been hungry and didn’t know where to eat? Check out the top 5 places to eat in West Chicago!


By Asa Kuharich and Adan Villa

West Chicago is a small town with a lot on its plate. For newcomers, it is likely hard to keep up with all the new restaurants that come and go, and easy to assume that there is always a time and a place where people who would like to grab some food can do so. Here are 5 places to eat in West Chicago that will leave you wanting more!

The interior of La Cocina de Maria features rustic brick walls, tiled tables, and a heart-shaped clock. (Photo by Andrea Hernandez)

#5 La Cocina de Maria 142 W. Washington St.

La Cocina de Maria is a special place to go if you want authentic Mexican food. This restaurant serves a wide variety of small and “super” dishes (according to a menu category) such as the lengua tacos and the asada super torta. All dishes are made from fresh ingredients. You will definitely be met with a wide selection of flavors on your first visit, but be aware they are closed on Wednesdays!


#4 Biscuits & Gravy Cafe 110 S. Neltnor Blvd. Unit 1

A dish consisting of Belgian waffles available at Biscuits & Gravy Cafe. (Photo courtesy of Biscuits & Gravy Cafe)

Absolutely an excellent place to go if you are looking for a breakfast that is relatively small, yet very filling. There are many dishes to choose from when you order for-here or to-go, like the Belgian waffles, red velvet French toast and breakfast burrito. I recommend you try your first choice of dish with a side of breakfast potatoes:, they add a special warm feeling to whatever meal you eat, and you may run out of potatoes not long after you start eating them!


#3 King Wok 59 956 N. Neltnor Blvd.

A few of the takeout dishes available from King Wok 59, home of the brown sauce. (Photo courtesy of King Wok 59)

West Chicago’s best Chinese cuisine can be found at King Wok 59. This small takeout restaurant offers some of the best food you will EVER eat with their wide selection of dishes made only from the freshest ingredients, ranging from vegetables coated in an addictive brown sauce, to a fried crab platter. Whatever you order from King Wok 59, just know that anything previously touched by the brown sauce (the ingredients of which are still unknown) will never leave your memory.


Gorditas Liselena is a relatively new restaurant in West Chicago. (Photo by Andrea Hernandez)

#2 Gorditas Liselena 207 Main St.

Gorditas Liselena is a Mexican dine-in or takeout restaurant that specializes in small, gorditas while simultaneously offering traditional dishes like tacos and quesadas. There are many gorditas to choose from, ranging anywhere from cactus to pork stew. These are perfect if you want everyone at the table to have something small and satisfying.


Looks can be deceiving: the Slice Spot, a favorite among WCCHS students and staff, is houses in this unmarked strip mall anchor. (Photo by Andrea Hernandez)

#1 The Slice Spot 960 E. Roosevelt Rd.

This special spot in West Chicago is home to likely the best pizza to be found in West Chicago. This newly-established New Jersey hand-tossed pizzeria offers many different types of pizzas, all consisting of some BIG slices. Flavors range anywhere from standard pepperoni to the amazing tomato white pizza and garlic white pizza. For here or to go, I highly recommend you check this place out. For more information, watch Diner Diagnosis’ full review on the Slice Spot.