What to do over winter break


WEGO students look forward to recharging over winter break.

If you are unsure what to do over the upcoming holiday break, then you are in luck, as you can find some ideas here. Keep reading.

Not everyone enjoys or is able to celebrate Christmas, but there are other ways to spend your time over break. Some people also may not have someone to observe the holidays with, or might not do anything over winter break, as they do not feel they have anything to do. Others already know what they plan on doing, such as going to events with friends or family, or even just preparing for the Christmas holiday. 

Some other reasons that people may not celebrate Christmas is because it does not belong with their religion.

An online website, Jehovah’s Witnesses, says, “Around the world, nearly two billion people celebrate Christmas each December 25, while at least 200 million others celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ on January 7. However, there are also millions who choose not to celebrate Christmas at all.”

Even though Christmas may not be part of everyone’s religion, that does not mean they cannot enjoy themselves over the break they are given. And those who do celebrate Christmas still have time to enjoy time to themselves after the holiday. Some nice ideas for those who still do not have plans for break include hanging out with friends or family, going to events, watching movies, or even just staying at home relaxing.

Another online website, CollegeFashion, suggests “there are so many films that remind us of our childhood holidays and there is nothing like the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from watching them. Simply pick your favorite winter movie and watch it with your family. If you’re going to be home for an extended period of time, have each of your family members pick their favorite every night.”

People do not have to partake in holiday-related activities over break if they do not want to. They can stay at home and do other activities that do not relate to the holidays, such as playing video games or board games, binge-watching shows, drinking hot chocolate, catching up on sleep they may have missed when they were still in school, hanging out with friends or family, and much more. And for those who do want to be festive, they can bake holiday cookies, watch Christmas movies, attend Christmas-related events, decorate their house or room, or even get some Christmas shopping done. 

Jenise Sanchez, a senior, said, “Some things that I would like to do over break would be listening to music, baking, and seeing my family.”

If anyone is unsure about what they will be doing over winter break, they should try some of these activities. While some ideas may not work for everyone, it is better to at least try an activity over break. I personally like to spend the time I am given on focusing on my mental health, so I would spend some days of my break getting rid of stress, and other days hanging out with friends and family.



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