Clue on Stage: Whodunnit? Wego Drama done it! On stage with talent


By Sasha Baumgartner, Editor-in-Chief

Whodunnit? That was the question everyone was wondering at the live performance of Clue on Stage at West Chicago Community High School on November 5 and 6. WeGo Drama presented this comedic show that left everyone in suspicion of Mustard, Scarlett, Plum, Green, White and Peacock. 

Clue on Stage poster.

Over the past two months, WeGo Drama worked vigorously to stage a production where the classic board game everyone knows and loves came to life. The script for Clue on Stage was originally published in 2013, and has since been performed by many theatre groups due to its fun, thrilling characters. Last weekend’s show included all the original characters, weapons and suspense that the board game contains. Additionally, many elements of the stage production came from the film, which was released in 1985 and followed a very similar storyline. It had components of a horror show, but at the same time, featured hilarious jokes to keep the mood easy-going. 

Prior to the show, English teacher Mark Begovich, the director of Clue on Stage at West Chicago Community High School exclaimed, “The audience is guaranteed to laugh!  Also, watching this classic game and film come to life is amazing. You will constantly be wondering whodunnit?”

The play begins one stormy night in 1954 at a mansion. Six houseguests arrive in confusion after receiving a peculiar letter directing them to come to a stranger’s house on a specific evening. Wadsworth (Mikail Herrera), a mysterious butler, greets them all and is the mediator of their journey at the house until Mr. Boddy (Ryley Salazar), the one who allegedly sent the letter, reveals himself and his purpose for bringing them all here tonight: Mr. Boddy is blackmailing all the guests because he wants them to kill off his spies, and has destructive evidence that would destroy them all. Each of them has something to hide and something they do not reveal to the public, which is why they go along with this blackmail. However, with a flash of lights, Mr. Boddy is found mysteriously dead: but who did it? The guests now must search the house for the murderer and all the evidence against them. As they investigate around the house, more deaths occur, and everyone in the household believes they are walking right into their doom. 

Casting for the Wego Drama show was a difficult process. There were numerous students who auditioned in anticipation of this show, many of whom love the game Clue. Once selected, students busied to put together an amazing show, worthy of the award-winning drama program. Through the rehearsal process, there was a great deal of hard work coming from the cast, crew and the director of this show, Begovich. There were many tries and fails throughout the process,  especially during tech and production week, which marked the first time the actors rehearsed with lights, sound and a full set. Following tech and production week, the actors started wearing their costumes so they could be ready to work and manage all the elements of a full-blown production. 

Senior Jazmin Wilkins, who played Miss Scarlett, stated,  “My favorite part of the rehearsal process would be tech week because we are finally putting all of the pieces together, creating a cohesive show. I love adding the lights and sound, along with props and costumes. It makes the show feel real and ready to go.” 

Cast rehearsing the dinner scene: Mikail Herrera (Wadsworth), right head of the table. House guests seated: Alex Bradley (Colonel Mustard), Jazmin Wilkins (Miss Scarlett), Michael Angeles (Mr. Green), Katherine Vander Plaats (Mrs. Peacock), Ava Fini (Mrs. White), Philip Calabrese (Professor Plum). Opposite: Olivia Wesling (cook).

Clue on Stage was originally adapted to a theatrical production because of the love people had for the 1943 board game. The characters in the play all possessed unique personalities and interacted with each other in many different ways: each character had their own intriguing backstory as to why they were guests at the dinner party that night. The different guests at the dinner are the same characters who are represented in the board game, including Professor Plum (Philip Calabrese), Colonel Mustard (Alex Bradley), Miss Scarlett (Wilkins), Mrs. Peacock (Katherine Vander Plaats), Mr. Green (Michael Angeles) and Mrs. White (Ava Fini). Each of these individuals have their own specific jokes in the show that really bring the laughs for the audience. 

Alex Bradley, a sophomore who played the role of Colonel Mustard, commented on his character: “He’s a very funny guy, and he does some silly, wacky stuff. It’s just fun to portray this very silly man.”

Each night Clue on Stage was performed, there was a great turnout in the house. On Friday night, the house was almost entirely sold out! There were many students and staff who came out to support Wego Drama, including Cheryl Marshall, a French teacher who was very lively when talking about the play: “The show was outstanding and I loved the confidence and energy that was presented throughout the show.” 

Over the next few months, Wego Drama will ready for their IHSA Drama Showcase, in which they will compete with other Illinois schools’ drama departments. Following, in the spring, Wego Drama will present their annual musical – this year, the performance will be Little Shop of Horrors. Be on the lookout for information about this campy, amusing musical at the end of April at West Chicago Community High School. 

For theatrical shows, so much hard work and dedication is put in, and then the production is finished in a flash. With only two performances open to public audiences, the production of Clue on Stage at West Chicago High School was completed in two days that brought students and staff together for a comedic, fun-loving show which was entertaining for audiences. The mystery was finally solved, and everyone now knows who did it, where and with what.