New track and turf at Memorial Stadium is a costly but much needed improvement


Drone shot of the new turf and track. at WCCHS.

By Ryan Pencek, Reporter

This school year at Memorial Stadium, West Chicago Community High School installed a new track and field, which cost a total of $1,356,000.

The new track and field was installed this year because the old field was nearing the end of its tenure.

Daniel Oberg, the Director of Business Services at WEGO, said “For sure, the old turf was around 15 years old and was barely passing the yearly inspection. So we got a new field that should last around 10-12 years.”

Back in 1998, the construction of Memorial Stadium started. The project was completed in 2005. In recent years, however, the old turf was wearing out, and in the winter, the machinery taking snow off the field would lift the turf with it, which was a breaking point for the school in terms of deciding to get new turf.

David Pater, the Athletic Director at WEGO, said “I fully believe that schools should represent their communities and make sure athletics don’t feel left out.”

However, some students are conflicted about the money put towards Memorial Stadium’s new track and field. Some think the money could be used for a more important issue than the stadium. 

Jack Shultz , a junior at WEGO, said, “I feel like it’s more of a pleasure to have. It’s more of a want for the students than a need. And the money could have been used for something more important.” 

But other students agree with the fact that the money put towards Memorial Stadium’s new track and field was a great idea because the other field was old and broken.

Ema Tomasevic, also a junior at WEGO, said, “Yeah, it has been a while since we have had one, the old turf was pretty old. I feel that it’s a better look for the school and the Athletics Department needed it. A good edition overall.”

Overall, more students and teachers at West Chicago Community High-School believe that the new track and field installed at Memorial Stadium was a great idea considering the old turf and track was 15 years old, and well past its prime.