With CDC guidelines in place, boys golf continues to push forward


Photo by LifeTouch

Boys golf is playing in the Glenbard East regionals Tuesday.

By Leslie Najera-Rivas, Editor in Chief

After following CDC guidelines for COVID-19, boys golf has been one of the few sports able to play its season but that came with schedule and playing condition changes.

The team plays Tuesday in the Glenbard East regionals at Glendale Lakes. 

“We’re probably going to have a sectional which may turn into a state tournament,” head boys golf coach Richard Kost said. 

Despite the additional CDC guidelines like wearing masks, the masks did not pose a challenge for the players and the sport itself did not experience any changes.

“I still instruct and still coach the way I always have. The boys were used to wearing masks. Even though, while they play, they can take their masks off on the courts. They forgot they had their masks on,” Kost said.

In order to keep the sport running, Kost is making every effort to listen and follow the health requirements.

“We have to listen to the CDC and the Illinois Health Board. We have to follow all the different guidelines. We have to make sure everyone doesn’t get ill because some of our competitors did get sick,” Kost said. “We get to play something rather than no golf at all.”

The season began the beginning of August.

The team has nine returning players and gained five freshmen.

With everything being unpredictable due to COVID-19, Kost was grateful that the season went forward. 

“I want to thank WeGo; I want to thank my administrators. I want to thank Dave Pater, our athletic director, for giving me the chance to have this position and for giving us the freedom and trusting that we are going to do it right,” Kost said.