Bishop gym becomes board game for night of entertainment


Compass turned Bishop gym into a life-sized board game on April 29. for their event of the semester. Participating students were able to play free games with the purpose of being able to meet new people.

By Brenna Barrett, Reporter

Compass hosted a night of life-sized entertainment on Friday for all students.

At this free event, students formed teams and played a board game the size of Bishop gym. Students passed through different spaces where teams had to work together in order to advance.

“We do an event every semester and this semester we wanted to do one big event,” Compass adviser Anne Salazar said. “We turned Bishop gym basically into a giant board game.”

In the past, Compass hosted events that lasted for a few days. This semester they decided to do one larger event. After fundraising all year, Compass was able to host this event free of charge. Free ice cream, pizza, and games were available.

“It really has a few different purposes to it. It’s to bring people together and to get to know people maybe they didn’t know before. To introduce people to what Compass is, I don’t think everyone really knows what Compass is about, so to just have a way for students to be introduced to that in a fun way. Something that they can do with their friends and get involved that way too,” Salazar said.

The director of Chicago Eagles Soccer, Cody Snouffer spoke to the students. He told students how God led him to deciding to play soccer and to help give others a chance to play too.

He advised students to do the things that they love with the people that they love.  

“We hoped to bring people together and let the students know that there’s a place where they can go in order to get closer to God. We just wanted them to have fun that day and to realize that there is always a place for them if they need help with whatever problem they have. Also, it was fun to hang out with friends,” club member Aracely Cholula said.