“You can be anything” with new, live action Barbie movie


Barbie and Ken attempting to leave Barbie land as shown in the official trailer. (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures).

By Sasha Baumgartner, Editor-in-Chief


Malibu Pink will rule the summer as the live action “Barbie” movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling opens on screens on July 21, 2023. But for now, Barbie fans are left to analyze the trailer and teasers that recently came out on YouTube.

The official movie poster for the “Barbie” movie with the iconic pink B. (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Studio via Robert Lang/Deadline).

The trailer starts out by showing a helicopter view of Barbie land. It then moves to someone walking in heels, however, when they step out of the heels, they are still standing on their toes – just like the iconic Barbie feet. The rest of the trailer introduces the different Barbies and Kens in Barbie land and the hints at the life crisis Barbie faces when she realizes there is a world outside of her plastic bubble.  

Barbie is one of the most famous dolls in the world; there have been rumors and projects of live Barbie movies for years, however, it was not until Greta Gerwig, director of Barbie, stepped in and took on the project that the idea became a reality. Barbie world, filled with plastic, will be brought to screen this summer. It will be the very first film to have real humans portraying the 12” doll. The only Barbie content that has come out in the past has revolved around animated movies and shows. 

Barbie itself has been around for generations now. So, it is about time there was a live action movie made about this iconic doll that everyone can recall from childhood.

The full, in-depth trailer for the “Barbie” movie came out on April 4, revealing the Barbie world and extensive cast this film has. Although the movie stars Robbie and Gosling, that is not the end of the list of established actors in this movie. The film will also feature Kate McKinnon, Simu Liu, and Will Ferrell. Indeed, the cast is stacked, which will set this movie up for greatness. 

In addition to the top tier actors, “Barbie” will be abundant with nostalgia. All of Robbie’s outfits are made to look like the original Barbie clothes that were once worn by the doll, consequently leading people of all ages back to their childhood.

Based on the current previews that are available for the movie, and Gerwig’s comments that the film adaptation will take a more “feminist edge”, the new “Barbie” movie looks like it will promote independence for women. When Barbie enters the real world, she is shown to be working at a company and providing for herself. By expressing Barbie as an independent girl boss, this film will promote feminism to all women and girls. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be like Barbie, and so women will feel empowered in their independence because Barbie is independent too.

Based on everything we know about the ‘Barbie’ film, I think it’ll be about how Barbie breaks into the real ‘human world’, being some type of a ‘fish out of water’ story. Regardless, my expectations for this film are genuinely high. I do believe that like ‘The Lego Movie’, this is a film made with so much love and passion to the Barbie brand, and will be sure to exceed audience expectations,” junior and movie-lover Ryley Salazar said.

All in all, the new live action “Barbie” movie will be iconic because of the film having an acclaimed cast, radiating nostalgia and empowering women and girls.

So, hop in a pink convertible and catch “Barbie” when she hits theaters on July 21.