Top 5 Outer Banks characters


A look at some of the most popular characters on Netflix’s “Outer Banks” series. (Photo illustration created by Wildcat Chronicle Staff with royalty-free image from Jackie A at Pexels).

By Ayline Montoya Ramirez, Reporter

It is 11:30 p.m. and you know you should be in bed.  Problem is not homework: it is your new favorite show. Can’t. Stop. Watching.  

One of the most-loved shows on Netflix is “Outer Banks” or “OBX”. With a mix of treasure hunt, natural beauty and mystery, this is one compelling show with awesome actors. Most teens, this reporter included, are obsessed with the series, and love how the characters solve their own problems. 

Most teen dramas have action, adventure, and romance. However, OBX offers a freshly sinister love triangle that masks the deep dark secret of a parent. Viewers might even find some parts in the show at which they cry a little because the scenes can get pretty sad when the characters have to face problems that they do not even deserve. But the audience will like how the friends always have each other’s backs – through the happiest and craziest moments of their lives. 

Although there are a lot of strong characters on “Outer Banks”, five standout.

John B, looked suntanned and sporting his signature brooding frown. (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

#5 John B 

John B is a very loyal and caring friend, He is overprotective and out-going. He is very kind but can be very disrespectful to people he despises. He gets angry really easily, but he can also be emotional – particularly when people he cares about are involved. 

Sarah can frequently be spotted cruising around the Outer Banks on her bicycle. (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

#4 Sarah

Three words to describe Sarah? Proud, gentle and humorous. Sarah has a gentle soul, and she is always looking for the best in others. She is very kind, but only when being tested. She is also intelligent, but Sarah has a tough time trusting others fully. Sarah is incredibly loyal to her sister, Wheezie, and her friends. 

“The brains of the operation”: Pope. (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

#3 Pope

Pope is a very caring and protective guy. Sometimes he is not so sure about his decisions or goals, even though he is the one that calms their friends when they get into fights. Pope can get angry and aggressive, especially when it’s about his friends. These mood swings make him an interesting character. 

Kiara stands outside The Twinkie, John B’s old Volkswagon van. (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

#2 Kiara

She is a very loyal and caring friend. Kiara frequently feels torn between the Pogues and her parents. (“The Pogues” is a name the friend group attached to themselves: it means “The Working Class”. They always say “Pogues For Life!”)

Kiara dislikes boys because they are poor and a bad influence. 

#1 JJ

He is extremely plucky and quick-tempered, but is always laughing and can be very adventurous. Sometimes JJ is a liability, but he can be brave and loyal to a fault. JJ is ready to look out for and defend his friends from any situation; he always has their back whenever they need help. He is loyal to his Pogues: they are all he really has in his life. JJ is a favorite character because he is funny and does not really care much about anything. He is strong, and can be brave. 

JJ has had a very tough life with family problems (such as his dad being violent with JJ). He does not really have a family. His mother does not appear in season 1, but JJ’s father mentions that she left, and he blames it all on JJ. His father often has violent outbursts which lead JJ to his own struggles with violent behavior. Nonetheless, JJ helps his best friend, John B, because he knows the struggle that his friend is going through. JJ does everything he can to keep his friend group in a safe and nice spot, which lets viewers know that JJ is a caring person. 

JJ makes the number one spot on the list because he says everything he needs to say to a person’s face when he needs to. JJ is not so advanced in his education, but he is very smart in the outside world. JJ would do anything for his Pogues, and that makes this fearless, macho guy #1. 

JJ is #1 in the Chronicle’s books, and one of the most interesting characters on the show. (Photo courtesy of Netflix)