TOCA: where serious soccer players use technology to up their game


Teens and adults can join a soccer league or take group/individual lessons at TOCA. (Photo shared with permission from TOCA Naperville)

By Nathan Sanchez, Reporter


TOCA Naperville, 740 Quincy Ave, Naperville, IL 60540 (630) 470-6400.

The sounds of the machine launching balls, players breathing hard, trainers praising their players, on the other field little kids playing soccer as parents cheer them on, and others ordering food at the concession stand, all things found inside TOCA’s facility located in Naperville, IL. 

TOCA is an indoor soccer facility in Naperville with state-of-the-art technology that cannot be found anywhere else. Players of all ages and abilities will find TOCA training fun while they work to improve their abilities. TOCA is not only a facility with 1-on-1 training options, but also one that offers small group and team training. 

TOCA also provides players in high school the opportunity to build their own team with friends and join a high school coed league. 

The Naperville facility features state-of-the-art technology designed to help soccer players see tangible results to their game. (Photo shared with permission from TOCA Naperville)

Adults can play in a coed league as well. 

Inside the facility there is also another sports performance company, Accelerate Sports Performance, which helps athletes become both faster and stronger for any of their respective sports.

TOCA Naperville is well worth the money for any player who is really looking to improve their game. While an individual, 60-minute session with a trainer at TOCA is $90, they do often provide package bundles, so players can get the same training at a lower price. TOCA also provides potential guests with a free first session so they can decide if the investment is worth it for them. 

One reason players like the training TOCA provides is because of the number of touches they are able to get in a short amount of time. Typically, players will not get over a few hundred touches in a team training, but at TOCA, players can receive over 500 touches on most trainings. Plus, players can either call or book their session online, and are always able to choose the trainer with whom they work.

The massive (95,000 square feet) facility includes the Touch Trainer, Smart Targets, Studio Screens and more, all of which can be used during individual training. (Photo shared with permission from TOCA Naperville)

Very few people nationwide get to train with the type of tech TOCA provides, so players will feel very excited to train there whenever they can. For example, TOCA uses 2 ½ size balls launched by a machine that can hold up to 18 balls at once. They also use four goals which have lights on the posts, used so players react to the colors to simulate playing in a live game, with other players/distractions.

Drop-in prices are just $20, which is well worth the price of admission. TOCA also offers group training classes starting at $25.

TOCA is a fantastic facility players can use to get in hundreds of touches in a short amount of time as opposed to only receiving 200-300 touches in an average team training. TOCA is able to provide this service because of its unique technology that is able to get players into game-realistic scenarios. TOCA’s only downside is its price, as not everyone has $90 to spend every week on a 60-minute training session, but those who do will see rapid results.

Serious players looking to improve their skills should most definitely go to TOCA: they’ll get a kick out of Toca, for sure.