2023 WeGo Global wage gap bake sale kicks off


Flyers for WEGO Global this month: wage gap bake sale, meeting dates and a Women’s history month t-shirt.

By Sasha Baumgartner, Editor-in-Chief

WEGO Global members prepare the bake sale booth after school. (Photo by Maggie Haas )

Through cookies, brownies and cupcakes, WeGo Global is able to bring attention to the gender wage gap that is perhaps engraved into the world. March is Women’s History Month, and with its arrival, WEGO global prepares to host their annual wage gap bake sale.

The bake sale will be held outside Commons during all lunch hours on March 9 and 10. The baked goods will be wrapped and ready then; however, the prices will vary depending on the gender of the patron. In modern society, women on average receive less in their wages than men. WeGo Global hopes to mirror that in this bake sale. There is an opportunity for male identifying individuals to lower their price though. By answering a question about the wage gap between genders correctly, men will be able to lower their price on their baked goods.

“It’s our biggest project of the year and a tradition for WEGO Global,” said junior WeGo Global executive board member Mia Valliquette.