Creative Writing Club ready to compete


The Creative Writing Club celebrated Halloween together in October at WeGo Spooky. (Photo courtesy of Tara Deleon)

By Savannah Epperson, News Editor

The Creative Writing Club has been spending the past few months getting ready to send in entries for the Literary Festival, held this year at Fenton High School.

Creative Writing Club sends in entries to the festival every year, and last year, a WCCHS student won second place.

The club has been working hard month after month to create poems, skits, and non-fiction works including college essays. The entries were due at the end of January. Now, the club is taking a well-deserved rest, taking some time to let out some creativity. The club will not actually compete until April 20, but its members are excited to see the results.

“We gained momentum last year when a freshman, Diana Jimenez, earned second place. Which was really amazing, and I think that just really showed us we can do it, especially because she was only a freshman. So, I think everyone is taking it more seriously,” said Tara Deleon, the club’s sponsor and English teacher at West Chicago Community High School.