Top 5 sports movies

From “The Blind Side” to “Field of Dreams”, there have been some winning films centered around sports. Here are the top five. (Photo illustration created by Wildcat Chronicle staff using royalty-free image by

The crowd roars as the players line up at the 2-yard line, poised for action. Sweat drips from their faces as they glare into the eyes of their opponents. This is it: the final play. And those watching at home wait, filled with tension, to see how the film will end.

Even non-sports fans enjoy an inspirational, heart-warming movie about an underdog team or athlete who overcomes the odds and rises to the top, learning something about themselves along the way.

A sports movie – a really good sports movie – might be just what you need to chase the winter blues away. And so, on your mark, get set, go:

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#5 “Miracle”

“Miracle” is a 2004 Disney movie based on the true story of Herb Brooks, the coach of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team. As featured in the movie, Brooks creates a unique and unorthodox strategy in an attempt to beat the Soviet Union, the best hockey team in the world. He gathers a team of college kids, and begins to whip them into shape. The movie goes through the training the team had to do in order to match the Soviets, concluding in a nail-biting final match.

Although set nearly forty years ago, “Miracle” is an inspirational film: viewers will enjoy seeing the players become a team, and learn to work with each other, rather than against one another. Just enough backstory is provided on each character to make them well-rounded with detracting from the primary plot line.

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#4 “Remember the Titans”

This Disney film is about a time where schools were segregated and the Blacks were fighting for the rights to become one with others. And so, players from two schools are brought together for a groundbreaking football season at TC Williams High School. Neither sets of students likes each other because of the color of their skin, but, when it comes to football, they have to come together and play as a team. It takes time for them to get to know each other, but they are pushed by their coaches, Herman Boone and Bill Yoast, who also form a friendship as the movie goes on. Eventually, the two groups accept each other and become one. They face complications when the rest of the community believes Boone should be fired, and racial tensions rise.

The still-relevant message of this film is that people need to see beyond skin color. The lessons in this particular movie are important for people of all ages, and audiences will root for TC Williams as they win one game after another, heading toward the State series.

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#3 “The Sandlot”

Sometimes considered a cult classic, “The Sandlot” is a 1993 movie that has some elements of athletics, as it centers around a group of kids playing baseball. When one of the boys, a socially-awkward rookie, accidentally hits a baseball signed by the great baseball player Babe Ruth over a fence of a big, bad dog’s backyard, the entire group is forced to try different methods to get the ball back before the boy’s stepfather notices it is gone.

The movie is able to add comedic relief while still creating some truly menacing moments. Viewers will feel the tension when the team tries a method and fails. The mix of emotions audiences feel when watching this film makes the experience even greater, but the bottom line is that “The Sandlot” is a funny coming of age film that anyone can enjoy.

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#2 “Rocky”

The second movie on the list is about an underdog who goes by the name Rocky Balboa, an up-and-coming boxer fighting to survive in the real world and trying to make a name for himself in the arena.

An opponent, Creed (the villain), the boxing champion of the world, calls out Rocky, demanding her fight for the heavyweight champion belt. So Rocky then goes out and trains – and has this most iconic moment in the movie when he runs up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art while “Gonna Fly Now” plays.

The film is inspiring, as Rocky shows his dedication by waking up every morning, even when he does not want to, to work his way into good condition. Even the kids in the street laugh and cheer him on because of how they believe he can win. And this would become an iconic scene where people would be inspired to have some type of work ethic just like Rocky, and also listen to the iconic song “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

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#1 “Space Jam”

“Space Jam” has been able to influence the minds of many by combining the greatest athlete of all-time and well-known cartoon characters from the Looney Tunes franchise, and that is what earns the film the top spot on the list.

The focus of the movie is on basketball: the Looney Tunes gang needs former Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan’s help to escape an evil alien carnival manager and the minions that have taken the power of different NBA stars.

“Space Jam” is a classic (even if the movie came out in 1996, hardly “classic” territory) because of the way it was able to bring in more kids to the sport of basketball using a comical element and an action-packed basketball game. Unlike “The Blind Side” or “Rudy”, “Space Jam” is not a tearjerker, but makes up for the fact using incredible visual effects for its time. The movie’s scenes are livened up by an incredible soundtrack featuring upbeat and nostalgic 90s songs.

Most importantly, the film is able to teach a great lesson: never give up, no matter what.