PlayStation is considerably better than Xbox


Playstation is owned by Sony; the company is on its fifth generation. (Royalty-free photo by 100Myggan via Wikimedia Commons)

By Fatima Villafuerte, Reporter

Although the average gamer spends just one hour a day playing video games, I once spent an entire 24 hours playing “Fall-out 4” on my PS5, which I waited two years to purchase. I finished the game, and replayed the whole game a few times. Surely other people have had the same experience.

With gaming so popular during and after COVID, the debate as to whether Xbox or PlayStation is better has emerged. Some people say the graphics are identical. Others argue one has a better subscription service over the other. 

Another look at the PS5 console system and controller. (Photo by Osh33m via Wikimedia Commons)

Microsoft introduced the brand Xbox and released its first console on November 15, 2001. They have sold over 150 million consoles and have over 48 million users worldwide. Ever since they joined the console market, Microsoft has been in high competition against Sony, Sega, and Nintendo, and the company now offers five different consoles including Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S.  Microsoft has a Xbox Game Pass that includes benefits like EA Play Membership, Play on PCs, phones, tablets, TVs, and consoles from the cloud. New games added all the time, including day one releases, Play online multiplayer with friends, and Free Perks and exclusive member discounts.

“In my opinion, I prefer Xbox, because I grew up with Xbox. My first Xbox was a 360. One thing I like about the Xbox is its smooth gameplay. Also, I like all the unique games you can play with the game pass,” said senior Samuel Villa.

On the other hand, Sony Computer Entertainment American (SEGA) was founded in 1994, so it has a few years on Microsoft. They released their first console in Japan and then released in 1995 in North America after about four years of development. Playstation has sold over 157.68 million consoles, a higher volume than Microsoft. They also offer five different consoles including PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, and also four handheld devices, compared to Microsoft recently came out with their first handheld device called Logitech G Cloud handheld console via Xbox Cloud Gaming that came out in October for $299.99.

The sleek design of the PS5 is an important consideration when deciding which console is better. (Royalty-free photo by Erik McLean via

“I prefer PlayStation because all of my friends have PlayStations, and you don’t need to buy batteries for your controller. Also, PlayStation has so many games that Xbox doesn’t even have on their consoles,” said senior Oliver Confesor.

I agree with Confesor: the PS5 is the top console.

I would never purchase an Xbox because I have already experienced the best. The way they made PS5 cannot be beat: the design is clean, along (both the console and the controllers), and there is a good variety of color choices on the controllers. You can even buy a cover for the PS5. I like the benefits it has with PlayStation Plus that include monthly games, online multiplayer, cloud storage, exclusive content and discounts.

Also, PlayStation added a new feature called PlayStation Stars where you do campaigns such as objectives like exploring overlooked game areas, playing with friends, competing in global tournaments, mastering new console features, and knowledge-testing puzzles. The graphics are incredibly detailed. I could spend my time playing, and even play with friends online, which is why the PlayStation system really is the best.

Plus, “PS5’s hard drive is faster than the Xbox’s Series X,” said senior Alexys Martinez.

Christmas is coming up very soon: put the PS5 on your wish list, and you will be very happy with your choice!