Top 5 video game characters


Photo by Erik McLean

From Mario to Pink Llama, which characters make the list?

Mario. Link. Sonic. Pikachu. Lara Croft. John Marsten. Crash Bandicoot. There are some video game characters that are simply iconic: figures that have endured the test of time, and continue to resonate with players of all ages. As such, the characters on this list might catch readers by surprise: there are some eclectic personas here, but certainly all are iconic.

The beloved mayor of Snaxburg. Filbo Fiddlepie, ready to rebuild his lonely town. (Photo by Cortext via Bugsnax Wiki)

#5 Filbo Fiddlepie

Filbo Fiddle Pie is a mayor of a town called Snaxburg on “Snaktooth Island”. In this town, insects are actually considered bugsnax, or food, which are actually a key component of the game. When just starting out players find Filbo on the ground, hungry. He asks for help finding food. After that, he takes players to Snaxburg and explains that everyone has gone their separate ways – the town has been abandoned. He sends players on a journey to bring back the town’s residents. 

Filbo earns a spot on the list because of his notable optimism, despite his flaws. Though he may be clumsy and suffer from low self-esteem, Filbo’s determination is inspiring. He also features a unique design that veers away from the realism found in so many popular games.

#4 The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy can be designed in millions of ways to fit a players’ personal style. (Photo by

The Fall Guy comes from the game similarly titled “Fall Guys”. This is a multi-player (up to 60 players, actually) game in which players complete obstacles and work toward an objective in the hopes of continuing to the next round.

The Fall Guy always tries his best to give players a win, though they put him through pain and suffering: falling, tripping, and getting grabbed. While players rage, the Fall Guy puts his whole career on the line for them. The Fall Guy definitely ends up on the list for never giving up and always being put through misery.

#3 The Imposter 

Beware. He is not a crewmate: he is an imposter. (Photo by Shwab on Spotify)

The Imposter from “Among Us” definitely earns a place on this list due to his “sussiness”. With his sharp eye and sneaky ways, he is one of the deadliest and most entertaining characters of all time. First of all, the Imposter is able to vent throughout a spaceship. Second, he murders his enemies using a variety of techniques, such as pulling out the glock or snapping their neck (be it noted the Wildcat Chronicle does not endorse violence in real life). Last but not least, the Imposter is smart: he can pretend to be a crewmate and get the ones he hates off the spaceship. Oh, and it must be mentioned he has the ability to shapeshift and confuse others – what a devious fellow.

#2  Fishstick

Fishstick, ready for his line-up and the compliments he will receive from the Fortnite baddies. (Photo by Tendz on YouTube)

Yes, Fishstick makes the list as well – not the food, but the legend himself. This “Fortnite” character’s deviousness and intelligence is so great, he takes the #2 spot. His wicked behavior is off the chart. With his walk, his words, and his actions, he tricks his opponents and BAM, they are gone. Oh, and do not even start on his strength: he was able to save Catwoman in the zero-point season. How romantic. 

#1 Your Roblox Character

This Roblox avatar and pizza place employee is Swaggybacon2019, Jonathan Saucedo’s original creation. (Photo by Jonathan Saucedo)

Coming in at number one is – drum roll please – your avatar from ”Roblox”.  “Roblox”, really? Yes, your ”Roblox” character is capable of doing anything. You can dress him up however you want, whenever you want. You can make him look like an absolute savage, or quite literally  anything you want. Not to mention your avatar is invincible. Your avatar is able to walk to the moon, transverse through space and time, destroy earth if desired. Your avatar will always have rizz, no matter what. The power of your “Roblox” character is what places it at the number one spot. Treat your character well: there are also millions of other gods playing, so show them what your character is made of.