How to obtain W Rizz


Photo by Yearbook Staff

Promgoers arrive at the Field Museum in May.

By Edgar Oropeza and Karidja Monjolo

Have you ever struggled to find a date for a dance, to dinner, to lunch? For whatever? Well, what if there was a way to change that all today? Just follow these following, simple steps.

W Rizz is a term that describes the ability to attract someone of the opposite sex without really trying. Some might say W Rizz involves one reaching their true self. W Rizz makes people more confident, fearless, and so when it comes to asking someone out, they will never chicken out again.

A student and his prom date slow dance to (possibly) a romantic song. W Rizz at its finest.
(Photo by Yearbook Staff)

Want to ask a girl out on a date? Easy. Follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure she is single. Always. (You always want to stay out of trouble when achieving W Rizz.)
  • Get to know her before. (You do not want to seem like a weirdo. Do not ask her out without any background knowledge, such as name, birthday, favorite food, favorite color, favorite place, etc.)
  • Dress up nicely. Girls like that. Your mom probably tells you that too. She knows.
  • Final step, make your move, hope for the best, and good luck!

However, be forewarned: W Rizz can go horribly wrong: in that event, the person of the opposite sex will think you are strange, or maybe not serious enough. The feeling of rejection is disheartening.

But, if you are able to follow these simple steps, and the plan goes well, you are lucky. People of the opposite sex will think you are funny and cool.