There needs to be an end to Hollywood-influenced diet pills


Photo by ready made (photographer via Pexels)

These days, people want an easy solution to weight management; some turn to pills.

By Sasha Baumgartner, Editor-in-Chief

First it was waist trainers. Then it changed to laxatives, and in between there was every diet pill known to mankind. Hollywood is notorious for introducing new diet fads and pills and recently, the drug industry introduced Ozempic to aid in weight loss. However, Ozempic is a dangerous medicine that should have never been given to people for weight management.

Ozempic was originally made to help with blood sugar levels in those with diabetes. In particular, it was sold and marketed as a solution for diabetic teens as a way to combat obesity. Now it has become a popular drug in the form of weight loss.

With Ozempic becoming such a famous weight loss pill, the question of whether or not it is still healthy for humans to take has arisen. In some cases, it may be: for teenagers struggling with obesity, the drug may offer a lifeline. A study highlighted in “The New England Journal of Medicine” found that “adolescents with obesity who took the drug and practiced lifestyle interventions experienced a 16 percent reduction in body mass index.” So there have been some proven benefits with Ozempic.

Body Mass Index (BMI) was a formula developed by a mathematician based off of one type of human body. Body Mass Index does not take into consideration bone mass, muscle or organ weight in a human body. Therefore, BMI is absurd. So the fact that some teenagers are seeing a lower body mass index when taking Ozempic means nothing. In fact, there should never be this type of prescription given to teens or anyone because it really just promotes the endless cycle of diet culture and eating disorders. John Semley, reporter for “The Guardian”, described Ozempic as “an eating disorder injection.”

All in all, Ozempic is a dreadfully dangerous drug that should not be given to anyone regardless of their weight. In order to promote real health, one must look away from treacherous pills and look towards the world of balanced daily living.