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The Höss familys garden captured in darkness just so happens to be the films primary promotional image (Photo courtesy of A24).

Seeing isn’t believing in ‘The Zone of Interest’

By Eshan Amir, Senior Reporter March 4, 2024

    The Hösses have the ideal life – family, friends, wealth, and the house of their dreams. There's just one small detail to note. Rudolf Höss has a job just down the street, as...

The iconic packaging of HARIBO Goldbears, considered the #1 gummy in America, based on IRI sales data.

HARIBO Goldbears live up to the hype

  Hershey's chocolate bars. Lifesavers. Snickers. Dots. Sour Patch Kids. Kit Kats. Jolly Ranchers. Milky Way bars. All good candies, but they cannot compare to the classic HARIBO gummy bear. Those...

Capri-Sun is a favorite among high school students and younger children.

Artificial tropical flavors and lackluster packaging can’t top the popularity of this childhood staple

  On a scorching hot day, there is nothing more refreshing than Capri-Sun; however, decades after its initial release, the iconic summertime staple has proceeded down the path of corporate...

The packaging gives off nostalgic vibes, particularly taking into account the old-school font.

Sour Skittles really do offer a rainbow of flavor

By Shee Nay Paw, Melanie Ballines, and Adam Mackovic February 27, 2024

  A colorful rainbow suddenly appears in between the clouds on a gloomy, rainy day. Looking at the colors, one cannot help but feel curious: how would that rainbow taste? Sour Skittles are...

Emma and Dexter spark up a conversation with each other during their youth (Photo courtesy of IMDB).

Why “One Day” is one of the best trending TV shows today

By Ja'Nyah Villa, Senior Reporter February 26, 2024

    Based on the emotional novel by David Nicholls, the mini-series “One Day” was released on Netflix Feb. 8 and is currently in the top 5 most popular releases. “One Day,”...

Lisa Swallows (Kathryn Newton) alongside her zombie boyfriend (Cole Sprouse). (Photo courtesy of MXN Entertainment/Lollipop Woods)

‘Lisa Frankenstein’ is to die for!

By Ja’Nyah Villa, Senior Reporter February 19, 2024

“Lisa Frankenstein” hit theaters on February 9 and was expected to be a romantic-comedy, but surprisingly ended up being quite the suspense film.  The movie follows a high school girl Lisa...

The cover of Party School features a nude representation of the main character running across a football field.

“Party School” offers some enjoyment, but little substance

By Lauren Dusing, Guest Contributor February 7, 2024

    With college in mind, ever wonder what it would be like to attend a party school? In John Hart’s book "Party School", Dylan Mills goes from a preppy high school, that he barely...

The cover art for american dream displays a baby picture of 21 Savage, with several personal details scattered throughout. The promotional images released on Instagram for this LP followed a similar format, with Savage announcing the features by posting baby pictures of the guest contributors. (Photo credit:

“american dream” is (almost) a dream come true

By Dhanveer Gill, Managing Editor February 5, 2024

    "american dream" is 21 Savage's triumphant return to solo music, after a dizzying number of guest appearances and collaborations. While the album suffers from some minor flaws,...

The show is really good at establishing the world of Percy Jackson, the setting feels like the Camp Half Blood that original fans read in the books (Photo Courtesy of Disney Studios)

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians” does not live up to expectations

By Karidja Monjolo, Managing Editor January 31, 2024
A deep dive into Percy Jackson and the Olympians and why it might be a respectable adaption, but not a successful show.

Worth the ‘stop’

By Violeta Rivera, Reporter January 27, 2024

The Plastics make their way to West Chicago Community High School: from left to right, Sasha Baumgartner, Sami Moesch, JaNyah Villa, and Karidja Monjolo.

“Mean Girls”: The musical movie was ‘so not fetch!’

By Ja'Nyah Villa, Senior Reporter January 24, 2024

    Fans geared up to watch and sing along to the new “Mean Girls” musical that dropped in January 2024, but were sadly disappointed by the film’s poor acting and musical numbers. “Mean...

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