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Dive into Homecoming 2023

A look at this September’s Homecoming festivities.
Photo by Lifetouch
Last year’s Pep Club roots for the Wildcats at the Homecoming football game.

Following an “Under the Sea” theme, West Chicago Community High School will host their annual homecoming week for WEGO students from Sept. 25-29. 

“Based off of previous ideas from past years, Student Council put our heads together to come up with a colorful theme that people would enjoy, and that would allow for Spirit Days. Picking a theme is always hard, with so many opinions,” junior Sophia Garcia said.

One major event for homecoming week is the football game, during which time the Wildcats will go head-to-head with the Streamwood High School Sabres on Sept. 29 at 7:00 p.m.  The game will be played at Memorial Stadium (WCCHS) with Pep Club’s theme set for neon. Last year against the Sabres, WEGO experienced their first victory of the season with a score of 46-23.

Another major event is the Homecoming dance, which will be held in Bishop Gym at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 30. To attend, one must purchase Homecoming tickets online for $35 per person prior to Sept. 29. Guest passes will be available for purchases as well.

A crowd gathers at Entrance C to check-in to the Homecoming dance in September 2022. (Photo by Lifetouch)

Student Council is asking for song recommendations to be played at the dance.

Students expressed excitement for this beginning-of-the-year tradition, and the thought of spending time with friend for a night.

“I probably just like the mosh pit[s] and hanging out with friends” junior Zach Kreitzer said. 

Yet some students are concerned about the food, beverages and space.

“To have [the dance] in a less confined space would be nice. It was hot, sweaty, and gross last year. We were given half a single cup of water, so that wasn’t good. And salty pretzels,” senior Mary Smith said.

Lead-Up to Homecoming

To begin the festivities, Pep Club organized a window-decorating event in downtown West Chicago on Saturday, Sept. 2. Fall clubs and sports were invited to paint the windows of various businesses, such as El Coco Loco and Kindred Coffee.

“I think it’s something different, you know. It’s cool, and really watery and aquatic. Yeah, it looks chill,” Marvin Garcia, senior, said of the painted windows.

Homecoming Week

The decorating will continue at the high school later in the month. Clubs/sports are responsible for their own materials during Sept. 25’s hall decorating.  Due to new window materials, window painting is not allowed, but clubs/sports can hang things from windows if they would like. Hallway decorating is a way to promote the various extracurriculars at WCCHS, and increase excitement for Homecoming. 

“[Hallway decorating is] very important because it represents our school,” sophomore Khloee Zomparelli said. 

Movie Night, held at the football field at 7:00 p.m., will also premiere on Sept. 25. Although the movie has not yet been officially announced, it will likely involve the theme of “Under the Sea”. This is a free event for students to attend, allowing them to support school clubs and teams selling items such as foam footballs, glow bracelets, necklaces, and glasses.

Update: the film selected by students was revealed on Friday, Sept. 8, after publication, via Student Council’s Instagram: “Jaws“.

Some of the food items that will be made available include pizza for $3 a slice, popcorn for $2, Kona ice for $4-$8, cookies for $1-$2, and hot cocoa for $2. Students should know that prohibited items on the football field are gum and candy (i.e. Sour Patch Kids, taffy, etc.). 

The consensus for last year’s Movie Night was positive, and many are willing to return this year.

“I think it was good. I think the movie was good,” Kreitzer said. 

Teachers battle the seniors in the annual tug-of-war competition at the Homecoming pep assembly in 2022. (Photo by Lifetouch)

Later in the week, on Friday, Sept. 29, all students and staff will attend the Homecoming pep assembly, coordinated by Pep Club. The assembly will again feature a Powder Puff game between junior and senior girls; sign-ups for both coaches and players will be available Sept. 11-15 during lunch periods.

Word has yet to be released as to whether the Pom Boys will make an appearance.

That same day, student organizations will offer a variety of food and drinks for West Chicago Community High School’s Food Fest. Any groups interested in setting up shop may still sign up. The event will be held on Wood Street, between the school and the football field, before and after the yearly parade. 

The parade will feature clubs like the Student Council, Art Club, Anime Club, FCCLA, and WEGO Global, as well as athletics, such as the football and cheer team. The marching band will also perform.

“I think it will be fun,” Geoffrey Fleming, a freshman football player, said.

In the years prior, the parade has had a strong turnout. As usual, the parade will go down Joliet Street and toward Leman Middle School. Unlike last year, Gary Elementary students will be able to attend.

“It’s a ten. It’s always off the chain. It’s the best day of the year. The sun is great, we go for the parades, we have a blast, we throw candy at kids, it doesn’t get any better than that,” AVID teacher Rich Kost said. 

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