Top 5 icks


Although a lot of issues can get under people’s nerves, these rank in the Chronicle’s top five.

Ick. The term was popularized on “TikTok”, and is used to describe when somebody says or does something that causes a feeling of utter disgust. It is the sort of cringe that makes it hard to look at somebody in the same way, especially somebody a person may have been once interested in.

One recent TikTok trend entails couples reading off a lists of “icks” that their partner gives them. “Icks” are not typically associated with positive things, but the one thing icks truly come in handy for? Getting over somebody. Just imagine the person in question in one of these scenarios and poof! All feelings are gone. 

While students around WEGO have already weighed in on the subject, there are just too many disgusting habits to list. Still, one has to try, and so, without further ado, here are the top 5 icks:

This text could have been thoughtful if the bad grammar was not so distracting. (Photo by Kalia )

#5 Bad grammar when texting 

One thing that for sure will not give a girl butterflies: having bad grammar over text. Nobody is going to gush over a message that says, “your so beutiful”. It is hard to appreciate a sweet text when it is completely riddled with grammatical errors, mixing up “your” with “you’re” and “there” with “they’re”. Simple solution? Keep autocorrect on and re-read messages before sending them, and there will be a lesser chance that the person receiving those messages will lose feelings. 

Dirty hands when working or eating is acceptable. Just make sure to clean them while outside of those activities. (Photo by João-Jesus)

#4 Dirty fingernails

What is worse than bad grammar? Bad hygiene. Proper handwashing should really be common knowledge, and it is concerning to see that many grown people fail to keep their own hands clean. One of the worst things to see is a layer of grime underneath somebody’s fingernails while holding their hand. Instant ick.

Bonus cringe points are earned for the un-ironic use of Snapchat filters, specifically the ones that give a person devil horns or a heart halo. (Photo by Cottonbro Studios)

#3 Taking selfies

It takes a lot of confidence for somebody to open Snapchat, pose, and take a picture out in public. Everyday, millions of people become victim to teenage boys’ Snapchat stories, where they are bombarded with mirror selfies captioned “dont hmu :/”, topped off with some obnoxious trap song in the background. But something about seeing somebody take one of those pictures in public really causes everybody around to have extreme second-hand embarrassment. 

Kids are cute when they are messy. When a grown person is, it is just embarrassing. (Photo by Kamaji Ogino)

#2 Food around the mouth

Here is a scenario: Ryan takes Sally out on a first date at a fancy Italian restaurant. They are getting along, he is making her laugh, everything is going well. Sally orders chicken alfredo and Ryan orders spaghetti with meatballs. They continue talking, and as they both finish their meals, Sally looks up to find a horrific sight: after eating, Ryan has gained an orange film around his lips, with crumbs of meatball sneaking in to the crevices of his mouth as he continues talking – as if nothing is wrong. Sally gets the ick so badly that she runs out and ghosts Ryan. End of story. Nobody wants to be the Ryan in this situation. Do not forget to wipe while eating. 

Texts should not look like a younger sibling took the phone. (Photo by Kalia DePaz)

#1 Baby talk

It is impossible to fathom just how hard a person can cringe until one hears a grown man scream “doggo!” in public.

“I wuv u <3” texts, pouty faces, any attempt at being cute in a childish manner are all signs that a person is suffering from baby talk or baby behavior. Something about being in a relationship makes people de-evolve into toddler form; attempting puppy dog eyes and saying things like “I hungwy” instead of a civil “I’m hungry”. Children doing child-like things is normal, teenagers and adults doing child-like things is not.