WEGO pep assembly draws excitement for first football game of the season


Photo by Brianna Roskilly

Cheerleaders stunt on the new field.

The band plays as the students gather in the bleachers at WEGO’s first pep assembly after the pandemic. (Photo by Emily Heath)

On Friday, August 27, at 9 a.m., West Chicago Community High School hosted a pep assembly at Memorial Stadium. Those in attendance included 2600 students and staff, Wizard from Lombard, and the Pep Club, who organized the event.

Daisy Garcia and Cindy Jimenez take a break from their wildcat masks due to the sweltering heat. (Photo by Gloria Gonzalez)

The assembly kicked off with a costume run involving one member of each class dressed up as various characters, including an unknown creature (freshmen), Luigi from Super Mario Bros. (sophomores), a monkey (juniors) and a hot dog (seniors).

After the seniors won the race, the dance team began their routine to “Up” by Cardi B.

Students seemed to be uplifted by the event. When asked how he felt about the pep rally after COVID, junior William Antonio said, “It felt like it wasn’t back to normal, but a sign of hope that everything can get better, and we can get through this by sticking together. Wildcat pride will never get defeated.”

The dance team’s performance was followed by a tug-of-war competition, which started off with a round between the seniors and freshmen, and ended with the seniors against the juniors. The seniors won the tug-of-war game.

Some students were not fans of the tug-of-war match. In senior Brendan Prebis’ eyes, “The tug-of-war match was fair, but it was boring.”

English teacher David Jennings takes a video right before two players have a massive collision. (Photo by Brianna Roskilly)

Shortly thereafter, the cheerleaders started their performance to a Wildcat cheer.

Despite the scorching heat on Friday, students were enthused. The final activity organized by Pep Club was a bubble soccer game where the players were placed inside inflatable balls provided by Lombard-based company Wizard. The game lasted 10 minutes and ended with a victory for the sophomores and juniors.

When asked what he thought about the pep assembly, Moses Perezchica, a junior, said, “The pep assembly was interesting and I really enjoyed the obstacles and wish [I] participated in bubble soccer.”

The pep assembly ended at 10:20 a.m. with a crowd of students heading back to the building to continue their classes.