A way to give back during the holidays for staff members


Photo by Leslie Najera-Rivas

Three trees with gift requests are hung up in the student activity center as a way for staff to donate to families in need for the holidays. Deadline to leave gifts is Dec. 11.

By Leslie Najera-Rivas, Editor in Chief

As a way to give back to families in need, staff members will have the opportunity to donate gifts for three families through Winfield Township. 

“Families that live in West Chicago and Winfield can go fill out a Christmas wish-list with the township if they are in need and if they can’t afford to provide presents for their children or families during the holiday season,” student activities director Marc Wolfe said.

Various families fill out paperwork through the Winfield Township but only three families are chosen at random for the school. 

“Each October, early November I contact them and let them know that we’d like to adopt three families and they just assign them to us,” Wolfe said. 

Only staff members will be allowed to donate.

“Some of our clubs and teams also do it as kind of a team building donation as well. We’d like it to be from our staff, but since it does involve people living in town we’d rather have it come from adults in the building,” Wolfe said. 

Staff can email Wolfe or administrative services secretary Viviana Cuautle Cielo if they are not available to let them know what slip was taken to keep track of gifts that staff members can donate.

“The families make a wish list. It’s everything from essentials like clothing to toys that they might want, or games, action figures that the kids range in age from,” Wolfe said. “They may need some clothing items or cooking supplies or gift cards to local stores.” 

The school has been participating in this event for four years.

“It’s something that I had done personally with my own family, and at a previous school district I was at. I thought it would be something that would be worthwhile. The school here always likes to give back,” Wolfe said. 

The last day to leave gifts will be Dec. 11 in the student activity center. 

“I think it’s just a great opportunity for people to give back to people, the families we’ve taken the gifts are very appreciative and very thankful for our generosity. We have a great staff and community and it’s just a nice opportunity for all of us to be thankful for what we have,” Wolfe said.