Gender neutral bathrooms raise controversy

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Gender neutral bathrooms raise controversy

The Obama administration ordered every public school in the United States to allow transgender students to use whatever bathroom matches their chosen gender identity.

North Carolina has tried to pass House Bill 2 which, according to CNN, is a statewide policy banning individuals from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex and restricts cities from passing nondiscrimination laws.

The real issue is that many are not worried about transgender people as much as they are worried about heterosexual men pretending they are transgender to get into the women’s bathroom.

At the same time, Americans have to consider what it would be like for a transgender man who is bearded, muscular, and rough looking to be forced to use the women’s restroom.

Would he have to go around handing cards out to all the women in the bathroom saying “I’m transgender, don’t be afraid,”? That’d be humiliating to anyone.

By subjecting transgenders to use their birth assigned gender bathroom, it would cause more problems than one.

States should not be able to pass laws that humiliate a person because of their race, religion, or gender.

Let’s be honest, I could walk into the Target bathroom and another woman walks in after me. How do I know if she is transgender or not? I don’t.

If people are going to have such a problem with having equal rights no matter who you are then why don’t public schools, or public places in general, make gender neutral bathrooms along with the usual male and female bathrooms.

By doing so, everyone will have a choice. Their personal privacy will not be violated.

The whole issue is horrible to think about.

First the issue started with who people can be in a relationship with. Now it has to do with who can go to what bathroom. What is it with people’s private lives that makes everyone go crazy?

People are always scared of what they don’t understand.

I will admit that transgenderism infringes on the gender binary I grew up with and never questioned, but times are changing.

Society needs to open its norms to a broader spectrum and accept the fact that things will change.

The change is not about special rights for anyone. It’s about expanding the guaranteed rights for every American citizen- male or female.

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