Dance midway through year helps increase school spirit


Photo by Yamilex Rodelo

A variety of dress up days throughout the week set the tone for the Hoopscoming dance on Friday. German teacher Nora Wessels participates in the beach day dress up theme on Dec. 8.

By Kyle Paup, Editor in Chief

With homecoming passed and prom still months away, Hoopscoming will fill the gap between the two this Friday in commons.

Hoopscoming is an event organized by Student Council that could potentially become a school tradition.

“This is our second year. We’ve had great success last year and had about 450 students. So this year we’re hoping to again reach that number, if not more,” Student Council sponsor Christopher Lukas said.

While expectations remain high, ticket sales have started off to a slow start.

“Many students haven’t been buying tickets yet because they are pessimistic about the turnout of this event, but if everyone could pitch in and buy a ticket and dress up, the whole school could have a lot of fun and hopefully be part of a new tradition,” Student Council president Roshan Patel said.

The idea behind Hoopscoming is to have an organized school event fitting in between the school dances at the beginning and end of the year.

“Hoopscoming is our dance between the two major dances. We’ve got homecoming and prom, so we’re always looking for a way to bridge the gap between the two. It’s also a way for us to offset the cost of prom, and have a fundraiser to help keep the prom tickets lower, especially since we’ve been going to some pretty nice venues lately,” Lukas said.

Although the theme will be similar, there will be some changes to make this year different from the last.

“The setup will be the same as last year but with a few more additions that we saw at homecoming. There will be 72-inch TV’s and beams displaying lights throughout the room,” Patel said.

According to Lukas, Deejay Vito also has a couple of tricks up his sleeve for the night in an effort to have some surprises.

The dance is scheduled on the same day as a boys basketball game, creating an opportunity to link the two events together.

“Because of a busy basketball schedule, both boys and girls, our access to the gym is tough so that’s why we use commons and then we try and tie it in if there is a home basketball game,” Lukas said. “So if kids are going there, they simply get escorted down the hall and go straight into commons for the dance.”

Student Council members have promoted the event by hanging flyers in classrooms, putting together video clips, and delivering handouts to students to inform them of the organized dress up days occurring throughout the week.

Tomorrow’s dress up theme is ugly sweater day, Friday is neon wear, Monday is holiday socks, and Tuesday is Santa and elf day.

“The members have worked to make sure that it gets the recognition it needs to be an exciting and amazing night,” Patel said.