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UDA college nationals take over dancers’ TikTok pages

The top 3 D1A dance teams in the nation: University of Minnesota, Ohio State, and Louisiana State University, have been influencing dancers all over to try moves from their routines.
Photo by Alexa Morales
UDA trophy given to the West Chicago’s Dance Team after attending a camp over the summer.

After the weekend of January 12-14, dancers all over the nation have been participating in recreating iconic parts from the three D1A national dance champions. 

People on Tik Tok began to recreate the Ohio State Dance Team’s acting skills in their first-place jazz to the song “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. Other dancers are trying the extremely skilled second turns into an ariel and back to second turns from the runner-ups in jazz: University of Minnesota. Minnesota’s team danced to the song “DREAM ON” by Aerosmith, and were one of the few groups to self-choreograph.

Fans of Louisiana State University have also taken a spin on recreating their first place hip-hop routine to “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson.

It is not just dancers participating in this trend: everyone on TikTok is giving the moves a try.

“I didn’t realize non-dancers were getting the vids on there ‘for you’ page. I was happy that the college dance world is finally getting recognized,” senior Clara Hasselgren said.

Dancer on Relevé with back foot in coupe position, one of many turns dance teams like to use. (Photo by Alexa Morales)

The dance community has taken over TikTok with viral videos of the choreography from the top 3 D1A dance teams with their mesmerizing skills and technique plus choreography and how they deliver. Teams at the national competition perform in jazz, pom, or hip-hop sections. After day one of the competition was over, the top three national champion dance teams, the routines from the University of Minnesota, Ohio State University, and LSU (Louisiana State University) took over Tik Tok with people trying the skills and challenging moves right away.

“I just think Minnesota’s jazz was just ‘aaah’, but I have not tried it. I have retired from dancing,” Spanish teacher and former dancer Elizabeth Mastroianni said.

Although this trend will not be popular forever, as it is slowly fading even now, impressive routines will continue to pop back up, especially during the national competition season. Dance teams bring something new to the table every year, pushing their limits, and making extremely hard technique and skills look easy and smooth with so much control.



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Alexa Morales, Features Editor
Although Alexa is a senior at WEGO, she is the captain of the dance team. Something unique about Alexa is that she was an exchange student in France for a week and a half last spring. Alexa's favorite music artist at the moment is Lana Del Rey. Looking ahead into her future, Alexa is planning to go to college to be a nurse.
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